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Published: 04 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

There are many complaints surfacing against Blackbird Reality for unlawful tactics and how they treat teanents. Many Victims have been silenced. This is for those victims. Some victims are simply being harassed by this company in many ways. Now with false/fake 5 stars reviews on to try and boost their reputation due to their bad tactics. More to come with documentation. 6/14/2019 MUST READ FULL CASE From Monday August 30th through September the 2nd, 2010, the renter spent about 14 hours each of those day cleaning the house. She cleaned everything including the baseboards and the tracks of the windows. She then photographed and video taped the complete house. She then notified the property manager to arrange a walk through. The property manager came on Friday September 3th and spent 1 hour and four minutes. About 45 minutes was spent on the actual walk through, the rest was talking and filling out the form. At this time he commented on how clean the house was. He stated how clean the house was and that it was the cleanest house he had ever received back (he reiterated this many times) and he would not have to bring in a cleaning crew. He said it was ready to be rented. He said even the carpet looked good but would need to be cleaned. He then said the carpet would need to be replace (due to age). The renter asked if she was going to get the full deposit back and the property manager said definitely. He told her to call him the following Wednesday or Thursday (9/8 or 9/9) to arrange a date/time to “Pick Up the $1,400.00 Deposit”. The renter called the property manager (George of Blackbird Realty Management) Thursday September 9th at 9:30 AM and was now told they were not going to get any deposit returned. He said the house was not acceptable. She reminded him about how he had raved about how clean it was. He then changed direction and said that they weren’t responsible for the deposit, as they had not received it from the original owner. The renter then brought up NRS 118A.244(1) and that it states “(the new owner) must either pay the tenant an amount equal to the security deposit or send a itemized list of deductions for claimed damages”. At this point the property managers says he has a good lawyer and she told him he did not have to return the deposit. The renter offered to send him a copy of NRS 118A.244(1) and he said “don’t bother, it would be a waste of his time”. Again stating he had a good lawyer and she has told him he doesn’t have to return the deposit. He stated it would cost the renter way more than the $1,400.00 to hire a lawyer and try to pursue the deposit. He also said he “shitted” more than $1,400.00 per day, so it was no big deal to him. The renter email a copy of NRS 118A.244(1) to him anyway, including the portion “Caution: if you (the new owner) do neither the tenant may sue you for an amount equal to double the security deposit. See NRS 118A.242(3).” From the actual victims 11/28/2018 Please stay away from this realty company. I was renting a home and they were the realty company. Everything was OK and everything was good. But a month into my lease I had gotten a call from them accusing me of having a dog in the house…….? I don’t think they know how my husband had severe allergies to dogs and cats. I offered them to come to my house to check for pets. They didn’t come. The next month the leasing agent that I actually did my house and was literally looking over the fence at my house that I was renting I guess to see if I have any animals. I called them to complain to them but I saw them and they denied it…. The third month I had animal control come to my house to tell me that they need a check because I thought an animal was getting missed treated. I let them in they took my house they didn’t find it a dog or a cat. When I asked him who called on me he told me he was not supposed to tell me but it was my realty company! Fourth, fifth and six months I kept getting accused of having a dog. I got so frustrated one time that I literally called to cuss them out and I told him to come over check my house and while they were at to check my neighbors because all my neighbors have dogs my back neighbors have dogs… both side neighbors have dogs everybody around me had dogs. Then they said it wasn’t a dog it was a cat…. and then one time I spoke to them they said something about me having a doggie door… umm idiots that came like that! I completed my contract all 12 payments are 100% on time and I got out of there as fast as I could. Till this day…. i’m just so frustrated to all the shenanigans they pulled on me and it’s been two years.Go anywhere else but here. 7/9/2018 So its seems funny that thIS HACK SCOUNDREL LIAR company took my posting down. Loser lies scoundrels. You should not be foolish to rent from these scoundrels! Zero stars! 7/6/2018 Zero stars! Loser, liars,scoundrels! Stayed in one of their properties. They ripped us off for au2026 Read more Shelly 5/23/2018 This company is horrible it overcharges as to not have to return rent deposits and double dips by not returning rent when they had re-rented the property. 11/2/2018 I rented a property from this company for a year, and when I was having major problems with my surrounding neighbors, they could care less. Even though it was an unsafe environment for myself and family. The HOA could care less and did nothing to stop the problems. I couldn’t even sleep in my own bedroom! I lined up a renter to take my place, and they wouldn’t even screen them to see if that person could take over my lease. I also offered to rent another one of their properties so that their client and themselves would not lose revenue, and they refused. They are very unprofessional in every way! I realize renters basically have no rights in Nevada, but they would not work with me in anyway. They wouldn’t even meet with me face to face to discuss the problems and any possibilities. The only time they met with me was on the initial walk through, and on my move out walk through. The realator barely said anything to me until I asked him a question, and then he had a very poor disposition and attitude, until i confronted him about it, and then he gave me a half a*s apology. I realize basically anybody can be a realator, and he solidified my point. My advice is to not rent from this company, and if you do, make sure you know exactly what you are renting, and document EVERYTHING before signing any contract with them. Please don’t do business with this company. 10/6/2018 I thought they were ok at first I started getng calls from a man speaking in Japanese. Asking for a meeting and if I could watch his videos offer personal critique. I changed my number because of strangeness and only notified a few of the change. The calls start again I asked his name and it a name at the management company. Calling to complain only got laugh in response but son. Police don’t care unless death. I moved. Scary do not recommend for single. 8/4/2017 STOP DO NOT USE BLACKBIRD REALTY! i was a renter and did not renew my lease. I paid a $1200 deposit and only got back $302. They claim to have hired housekeepers for 7 hours to clean a 2 bedroom condo that I had professionally cleaned after I had everything out because I did not feel like cleaning it myself, they also charged me to paint the condo. First of all, I am a single woman, my condo was spotless when I lived there and spotless when I moved out. I have emailed Jo Ann Munz, the “Property Manager” twice now demanding an explanation and she refuses to respond to me. Also, the invoices for the services were made by Blackbird NOT the housekeepers or the painters..hmmmmmm. They are LIARS AND THIEVES and are NO GOOD SHADDY SCOUNDRELS 12/20/2016 I thought I was the only owner duped by this so-called property manager! Come to find out they falsified documents for the move-out costs and even tried to blamed the tenants and took more money from me. I pursued a lawsuit against the tentants only to find out we both were duped and I should of sued Blackbird Realty not the tentants! BBR claims the tentants shouldn’t of had pets, but they took a pet deposit from them. What nonsense. The tenants and I are now going to partner Blackbird for fraud. They won’t return calls and you will see their true colors on tenants move out. As long as they know they are getting money, George Trombley is fine. Once he realized he lost me as a client – he turned nasty.Be scared BBR, be very scared. You have duped too many owners and tenants. We are fighting back, and we will see you in court. 9/6/2016 We were tentants for over 2 years. They pushed and pushed us to buy the house and when we decided to vacate – they were furious we would not buy and tried to sue us for unjust causes. They lost the case, as we had proof of everything and it was evident they were retaliating against us for not buying. Our old home now sits vacant for almost 2 years…HA! Bet that owner is happy, huh? We now see the owner is no longer using Blackbird and has been unable to rent nor sell the house. After taking our $1200 deposit they still tried to stick us with further money from a HAND WRITTEN bill of a cleaning company. They messed with the wrong person – when they challenged us. They don’t have an emergency number for after hours and no night drop off box for rent. How convenient is that?Having your daughter run the office? She is as reliable as a dull thumb-tack. If you are a tenant – RUN away – there are better in this city! If you are a HOMEOWNER – don’t believe anything they tell you. Don’t fall prey to these predators – you will be so sorry after you move out. 3/9/2018 They were definitely super friendly when my roommate and I were looking for a place to live and were getting ready to sign the lease, but after that it was just downhill. At some point they changed their online payment thing so that you can only pay the full amount or nothing at all online. This makes it difficult when 2 people are roommates and would like to each pay their half separately. When we need maintenance done sometimes it’s not even addressed, and if it is it’s usually a hassle. The most recent issue we’ve had has been with our pool. The pool company that takes care of it told them that they have to drain it every 3-4 years, so they got the go ahead from the owner of the property to drain the pool, but nobody told us about it. We come home from work and there is a hose draining our pool to the sewer, which we thought was odd. Then a few hours later the water company calls and says it’s illegal to drain pools to the sewer and our neighbors have complained about it, so we could get a fine on our bill. The next day the pool is refilling, again with no communication about it. If we had been out of town or something our pool would just have been filling forever, because the pool company hasn’t been back to do anything about it. So who has to pay for all of this extra water? The only reason we will not have to pay for it is because we complained about it. If we had just done nothing we probably would have a fine and a huge water bill. I will not be using this company again. By jare4997 January 16, 2018 Absolutely terrible management company. Could not possibly recommend less. If you are reading this, FIND ANOTHER PLACE TO LIVE! By stor6713 December 13, 2017 Tenants beware!!! This is a slick and slippery co with no concern for tenant safety. By jess1080 December 4, 2017 Very rude – tried to intimidate you by constantly telling you their power as property managers.. do not waste your money on these people. – not worth the headache.

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