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Published: 07 June 2019

Posted by: Dominic

You know, Blackwall Capital Group is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to financial frauds, uncaring advisory companies which scare and intimidate clients into continuing with retainer commissions on investments and also equity investment firms which masquerade as trustworthy entities but are far from the same. There are so many companies and firms which deserve to be blacklisted that an entire book can be published on the same. Yet, let us focus on the company which has cropped up in recent times on the radar of several regulatory authorities for non-compliance and also for taking its customers for a ride. 

Blackwall Capital Group is already known for its unethical ways of doing business although many people are still falling for their carefully constructed traps and investing money with them as a result. Yet, the company has been flagged by regulators, received lawsuits from aggrieved customers and market players and also recognized as one of the most shady companies out there in this sector which customers would do well to avoid. However, in spite of all these things happening, it still manages to attract people. Wonder why? This is because in today’s age of internet marketing and promotions, people still go by good reviews and recommendations. Wonder how the company’s making it possible? Why with some dough of course! Paying for positive reviews and having full-time teams on your side can help you make negative reviews and complaint vanish or overshadow the same with a barrage of wonderful compliments and positive reviews that will ultimately keep bringing in unsuspecting customers in droves. 

When it comes to investing your hard earned money, it suffices to be said that you should never trust such people, not without doing your due diligence at least. Such companies always claim so many things on their official websites and make several tall claims about growing wealth and helping one become financially agile and so on and so forth! However, the truth is that only a handful of investment players are genuine and you need to be patient before you get into the game. Customers should be patient enough to do homework on a particular investment firm and its history and overall reputation along with its performance in managing stocks and getting returns for its customers before taking the plunge. 

This is where people often end up taking decisions and these fraudulent companies plug up this gap by getting them on board. From there onwards, it is not a pleasant journey for sure. This is why I would always state that people do your research. It’s your hard earned money here. Don’t give it to anyone to invest irrespective of how attractive things may seem. If they seem too good to be true, particularly in terms of returns, then it probably is! This is the guiding principle that you should follow while making any investment related decisions. 


Knowing more about the company 

Blackwall Capital Group has claimed several things on its website. The company has stated that it is a specialist firm dealing in equity investments based on a strategy that is based on creating higher value. Investments are deployed across a limited few European stocks by people which are often mispriced as per the company’s website. These are companies which have not been fully researched and offer mid-sized stocks. Blackwall Capital Group claims to work as an investment manager for funds with an aim towards ensuring capital appreciation over the long term along with enhanced returns overall. 

The firm is owned majorly by active partners as it claims and has a team of professionals experienced in capital markets. These senior professionals are considered to the real backbone of the company as per its own claims. The company is based in Zug in Switzerland and claims to be FINMA regulated as well. However, this is no measure of confidence for investors going by the company’s appalling track record till date. 

The company has outlined its strategy for investments on its website. The strategy will be majorly focused, revolving around value investing with a safety margin and a policy of investing in companies which it clearly understands as per the website along with ensuring seamless management of risks and controlling risks adeptly at the same time. From Focused, the company moves to another section called Independent where it states that unconventional thinking will be deployed for achieving returns which exceed expectations while creating its own ideas while also dealing with scepticism and adopting a contrarian approach. The Patient section covers a suitable investment horizon for approximately 3-5 years while there is emphasis on key fundamental aspects for the long term and a compounding effort which will benefit investors. 


Blackwall Capital Group- Why it is a problematic company to work with 

Blackwall Capital Group, as stated by a complainant, is not at all the suitable place to work properly. This complainant joined the Group in the role of an agent and it is a trading entity and it attracts people for high profit-making while they work with them. This works as the right bait for people. People are usually drawn to this company for the lure of making thousands of dollars quickly and the complainant was no exception. He initially got a desk for trading in commissions and worked for a period of two months and earned a high sum through the same. The company also said that he was not required to give them any payment but they actually never wanted to pay the agent also. The complainant had a nightmarish experience in his own words, working there for 2 months and then the company bluntly asked him to leave. 

This is how the company actually operates as per the complainant. They do not really bother if the agent is doing well or not. They only desire the entire commission for themselves. This agent however took things head on and asked for the money that he had painstakingly earned in the last two months. As expected, the company refused to give him any payment while asking him to leave immediately. They also insulted the agent in front of their other employees. There was no other reason for this whole episode apart from the fact that the company wanted to take the whole amount themselves. The customer care email ID was used by the aggrieved complainant to send an email pertaining to this issue. However, it was not answered at all, as was expected. The company did not even have the basic courtesy to allow the complainant to talk to the supervisor when he was working and hence there was no reply later on as well. 

There were several fraudulent and made-up fines added and the company asked the complainant to pay up for the desk, stationery and many other things.  These things were told as non-chargeable before he joined and things changed in a few months without any notice being given to him. The firm is filled with scammers according to this agent who have no moral fibre and are only engaged in cheating other people. They do not even bother about customers. All clients and employees are unhappy with the firm and it is a miracle that they are still doing business by luring unsuspecting and innocent people according to this complainant. 

These people lack the basic ethics as per the complainant and they will be made to shut down soon once their illegal and shady activities come to the notice of the authorities as per his opinion. The commission of $10,000 earned by the agent is not in the bank account of the company; it has already been pocketed and he will never get this back after spending 2 hard-working months. All ex-employees are instituting proceedings for getting their money which the company has illegally kept. The company is a big fraud as stated clearly by this complainant. 

Another ex-employee states that Blackwall Capital Group is a fraudulent firm and no one should ever work here as opined by him. He says that they do not even know how to operate in the market and he had a poor experience here. Another person called Dan worked for this firm which advertised hugely and convinced people that they would earn in the thousands every month. He also got a desk job here for trading commissions. The company initially told him that he was not required to pay anything and then the same old story unfolded. 

Dan never got a single penny of commission that he rightfully earned for a few months. The company in similar fashion, got rid of the employee, all the while fining him and insulting him. This was a pattern that the company has evidently been following for quite a while now. It is only a matter of time before word gets out about these unethical and fraudulent dealings. The company will definitely be blacklisted by then as a result. They have no right to keep doing business, fooling both customers and employees simultaneously. 

Another person had a nightmare, investing in the stock market and having to really bleed thereafter. Blackwall Capital Group was responsible for this investor’s plight. This brokerage firm in the United States is a sham and is supposedly licensed by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority). Brokerages have an obligation towards suitably investing in stocks on behalf of their clients while taking into account his/her goals, risk appetite and other factors. However, the company is not honest at all; it gets the job done in its own manner and without considering the needs of the client. They keep preying on people who still use landline phones including the elderly people and others. They use cold-calling to lure these people instead of direct-selling. They keep pitching a single stock to 50 people and another single stock to 50 other individuals. In case one stock gets on a higher trajectory, they return to the same. The client here had to randomly make trades for earning something. He got lured by their cold calling pitch and bought a huge amount in two stocks. Prices kept falling for both of these over the next few days. The company washed off its hands immediately. These guys keep manipulating prices of stocks in order to get their own benefit. The complainant had to face huge losses. 

He had to sell off stocks at a much lower price. Blackwall Capital Group was responsible for this bad decision. They also state that cold-calling is perfectly legal but the reality is that these brokerages keep dumping secretly owned penny stocks on investors who do not suspect much. Blackwall Capital Group already has a track record of employing brokers who have a trail of complaint and lawsuits pending behind them. People should definitely refrain from trusting such morally corrupt people who care two hoots about the wellbeing of the client and are more focused on earning their own money in quick time. 

As a result, Blackwall Capital Group should be boycotted by all customers. Nobody should be going to this investment firm for any of their decisions and should not be considering them for advice by all means. The Group has to be put under the scanner by regulatory authorities. Only then will the truth emerge out of the shadows about this fraudulent investment firm. Once the truth comes out and statements are taken from conned employees and customers, the firm will have to shut its doors forever. I wonder how such people keep on doing business in spite of facing legal action and leaving a trail of complaint and fraud behind. Where do they get the gall to continue this streak? This is surprising for me as it will be for all of you. Anyway, people should BEWARE of Blackwall Capital Group unless you’re self-destructive and wish to lose all your hard earned and accumulated capital in the bargain! This is one company that should definitely be brought to book. 


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