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Blackwall Capital Group – A Well-Organized Scam

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Published: 14 May 2019

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All across the globe, nations have economies in deep trouble and because of this, many people seek ways out to achieve financial freedom and economic independence. It is this legitimate and understandable quest for a greater financial fortune that drove many unsuspecting people into the hands of well-orchestrated scams like Blackwall Capital Group. There are different kinds of financial fraudsters but the ‘group’ called Blackwall Capital is in another class of its own. I am taking time out to write my experience with this nasty outfit and to do all that is possible to raise an alarm and warn others about the incredibly slimy clique of fraudsters called Blackwall Capital Group. 


The Sweet Promises and Big Claims

If you visit their website (see the screenshot tbelow), you will see a section that promises that Blackwall Capital Group focuses on responsible investment and that all funds of the investors are kept safe. In fact, they went ahead to promise that they only dabble into ventures that they have a good understanding of and that to manage risk, they have the most competent of all risk managers. But the deliciously sweet promises did not end there. 




Blackwall Capital Group also promised that it has some atypical ways of making sure investors get fat returns. In fact, the Group promised to give compounded gains to investors who can be patient. Unknown to me and other unsuspecting investors, these were nothing but well-packaged lies and useless promises. 

 On their platform, they claim to be experts in the management of equity investments and that they have all the insider knowledge to ensure that investments are multiplied and huge margins of profits are recorded. But these are all colorful lies because Blackwall Capital Group is far from having the ability and capability to achieve these goals. 


How the Scam Works

If you are unfortunate enough to become a customer, client or investor with the group of criminals that call themselves Blackwall Capital Group, then you will be engaged in their standard pattern of behavior. These lazy scumbags are fond of using all forms of fear tactics and intimidation strategies to force them to persist with the so-called useless returns they referred to as retainer commissions. By the time I am done explaining how they operate, you will see that Blackwall Capital Group has absolutely no regard for those who have given them their hard-earned funds in trust. 

 As stated earlier, Blackwall Capital Group is a carefully-orchestrated system of cheating. And it is so well-planned that so many have fallen prey and more will still fall prey. It is because I do not want more people to experience this same nasty cobweb that I am crying out. The system is so detailed that many end up parting with their funds without even realizing any shady transaction or deal until it is too late. 

In order to bamboozle and further confuse those who have invested, Blackwall Capital Group puts some sprinkling in a limited number of stocks and then posts the wrong prices deliberately on their website of evil. This horrible technique is not immediately obvious to most investors who really have no deep understanding of the markets but a professional stockbroker and investment banker can detect these flaws immediately. Another aspect of the scam called Blackwall Capital Group is that they tell their unsuspecting clients that they have good experience with the management of investment funds and will grow their investments for them overtime. In fact, these thieves have mastered the art of telling you precisely what you want to hear, they intentionally will not reveal the inherent risks and high levels of failure in the market. They will just assure you that all is going to go well and that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. 

In order to further polish its claims, Blackwall Capital Group says it is located in Switzerland (see screenshot below) and even said it subjected itself to the regulatory policies of the authorities but that is clearly not reflecting in the horrible results they have constantly generated for their innocent clients. 




Not Even their Workers Are Left Out

Some may think that Blackwall Capital Group only targets the poor and innocent investors with its destructive strategies but it is clear that they do not leave out any victims. Those who have worked with Blackwall Capital Group ended up regretting it big time. One of those who joined as a trading agent fell for the claim that the group has the experience in getting massive profits and also in paying out hefty commissions. 

  Once many hear that they can easily make thousands of dollars for doing next to nothing, they just swarm in that direction. Blackwall Capital Group is manned by people who have mastered human psychology and they use this to get maximum impact. So, their standard operating policy is to lure so many people into their net of deceit.

For this particular unfortunate worker, he was given the role of working as a trading agent working on commissions and in order to sweeten the deal and deepen the bait, he was paid huge commissions for a few times. And shortly after, the real problems started. All of a sudden, he was told to leave with immediate effect. At first, he was confused but he quickly realized that the Blackwall guys were totally not interested in how hard their agents worked, their sole focus was just on how they were going to steal all the commissions for themselves. One would think that a really reputable enterprise would not dabble into such unethical behavior but that is clearly not what these guys at Blackwall are into. 

 But the plot twisted when the worker insisted on not taking it lying low and was hellbent on getting the full payment for what he worked for. Things only got dramatic as Blackwall Capital Group flatly refused to pay the guy what he had worked for over the months. As if that was not enough, they lambasted him right in the presence of the other workers. He was not allowed to even present his own side of the case. 

From only this illustration, if a venture does not have any problem with ripping off their own employees, they surely will not blink twice when it comes to cheating innocent investors. The worker was dismissed and he never got the thousands of dollars due to him for the commissions earned. Right now, many former workers with Blackwall Capital Group in this category are launching a class-action suit against the scamming group in order to get their earnings. If this alone does not convince anyone as to the shady character of the so-called group, then nothing else will. As each day passes by, more former workers come out with horrible tales of their shocking experience with Blackwall Capital Group. What is common to all their tales is that they were swindled – they worked for months and earned nothing of the promised commissions. 


Why Many Still Fall Prey

It is interesting to know that this same Blackwall Capital Group has been in trouble so many times with the regulatory agencies and has even been the subject of litigation by disappointed investors and yet, many still fall prey. But why is this so? Why will anyone decide to sink hard-earned funds into a scam like Blackwall Capital Group? In this section of the piece, I will try to carefully explain why many others still fall for the sweet and incredibly convincing lies of the Blackwall Capital Group. 

One major reason why many people still fall victims unintentionally to this well-oiled fraud is because of the pervasive nature of publicity campaigns. It seems the fraudsters have an excellent understanding of the impact of marketing campaigns on the minds of innocent people. For this reason, Blackwall Capital Group does not find it difficult to pour considerable sums into its internet marketing, advert, and promotion campaigns. The essence of this is to grab the attention of as many people as possible and to also let the same targeted victims sign up. In order to do this, they employ some very advanced and detailed techniques that can fool even the most observant and careful person. 

  First, this group of scammers is making full use of all modern technology has to offer with regards to internet marketing, adverts, and promotions. They have invested a considerable amount of resources into this so that wherever you go on the Internet, you are bound to see their adverts, offers and carefully-crafted promotions. Blackwall Capital Group did not stop at that. They also went ahead to hire people and pay them to write positive reviews. As a matter of fact, they have people working round the clock ensuring that they drown out the negative reviews and stinging complaint left by those who were defrauded by this mighty scam. Sadly, because their workers flood every available cyberspace with fake glowing reviews and imaginary accolades, these are the things that people see at first whenever they are online browsing and searching for information. Through this method alone, Blackwall Capital Group has been able to ensnare so many innocent people. 


What Can Be Done

My own painful experience has left me with mixed feelings. On one hand I felt really bad to have fallen for such a cheap scam but on the other hand, I felt better because I learned a lot in the process. All hope is not lost and there is actually a lot that people can do to ensure that they never fall into the carefully placed traps of Blackwall Capital Group. 

Whenever you are called upon to invest your funds, you should first pause and go with the default mindset of never having to rely on anyone. There are some smooth-talking marketers and professional scammers that have been groomed by Blackwall Capital Group to deceive as many people as possible. Therefore, whenever any investment offer is brought to you, the very first thing you need to do is to pause and not drop a dime. 

Resist that initial urge and instinct that will want to push you to drop your money. Do not say or do anything, just pause. You can tell the so-called marketer who came to promote the package from the likes of Blackwall Capital Group and others to you that you will get across to them later. Then you activate the next step of the plan which is for you to launch your investigation into the claims made by the companies and even the companies themselves. 

 An easy way to start this investigation is to commence from the websites of these so-called companies and list out all their claims. This is effective as they often have several bogus claims on their online platforms so you can start your investigation by doing a thorough and detailed background check on each of the claims put out. For example, Blackwall Capital Group wrote on its website on how it has strategies in place that they will use to multiply your money for you. 

Unknown to so many people, the reality is far from what many of these websites are portraying. There are very few if any gainers in a typical legitimate venture and for those who are scams, virtually all the investors are losers. For this reason, it is important that you take your time to carry out your own proper investigation before dropping any money to anyone. Never be in a hurry to invest in any venture no matter how good it sounds.

 It is eternally better for you to keep your money and take time to understand a business or any investment first before you decide to be a part of it. It is only logical that if you are going to put your money into any venture that you do not have much knowledge about that you take your time to do all your background checks first before doing any kind of investment. Never invest blindly, make this your policy and stick to it no matter what. By the time this becomes your habit, you will be able to control your impulses and never end up making disastrous financial decisions. 

Whatever claims that a company makes, take your time to double check it. If they claim to have a certain incredible return on investment (ROI), ensure that you check the public records and confirm again with the regulatory bodies. Take time to peruse the history of the company and observe the patterns of their performance, no single parameter or analytics should be ignored, everything should be checked with the meticulousness of a surgeon. This is your money that we are talking about here and there is nothing bad if you decide to carry out all the background checks properly first. 

The main reason I am taking time to stress this point is that it is specifically at this juncture that so many people make the nasty decision of giving out their money without doing sufficient background checks. They simply give out the money to these cold-hearted monsters based on nothing but trust and innocence that borders on childishness. This is one mistake you must never make. For those who did not learn this lesson on time and decided to make the investments blindly, they finally got burnt. Some got burnt so badly that they became bankrupt while some others slipped into depression and some others even lost their lives in the process. 

 In order to ensure that none of these happen to you, it is important that you take the preventive measures of doing exhaustive checks before investing even a dime. After all, it is often said that prevention is better than cure and come to think of it, you have nothing to lose by deciding to verify every single claim before you part with your money. There is another wise saying that a fool and his money are soon parted. Do not be a fool – ensure that you do your background checks and evaluate every single claim being thrown out there. If those who invested with Blackwall Capital Group did their assignments properly, they would never have fallen prey to this group of scumbags masquerading as professional investment experts. 

 No matter the sales pitch that they give you, never fall for the bait. In fact, it is often said that if it sounds too good to be true then it most probably is. This is one thing that you must have at the back of your mind at all times whenever the time to invest comes. Another thing that you can do if you are confused or unsure of the next step to take is for you to book an appointment with a real professional and seek good advice, it will definitely worth the effort. On a final note, I want to encourage all those who have also fallen into the trap of these deceitful minds to come out and also express themselves so that others can learn. 

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