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Published: 18 February 2018

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My wife and I were walking around downtown birmingham and we saw a sign for watch battery replacement at a furniture store. My wife has two Armani watches she had bought in Italy on vacation and needed a new battery. We decided to go home and get the watches and bring them back because we had trouble with watch shops not wanting to do work on watches that were more expensive. We should have known there was a problem immediately since we noticed that the store’s main income was selling high end baby furniture. The man who claimed to be the owner said he had been changing out watch batteries for over 20 years said he could not change out one battery because the screws on the back were too small. Then, he said that he could not change out the battery on the lock back Armani watch because he did not have a special tool to do it but would take it to a friend who had one to change it out and we could pick it up the next day. We came back the next day and the “owner” was not in when he told us to come pick it up. Another employee was there, gave us the watch and then told us there was no charge. When we inspected the watch, there were deep scratches and gouges in the back. My wife immediately started to cry and the employee said he was sorry and there was nothing he could do. We called to make sure the manager was there the third day and we went down to confront him. He claimed he would try to help but profusely apologized but would refuse to accept responsibility for damaging my wife’s watch. Even after he admitted he did not take the watch to his friend who had the tool to take the watch back off and he did it himself. I offered him some suggestions on how he could make it right like: replacing the watch back or paying for the watch in full. The man politely and overly apologetically dodged all offers and put it on us to find a watch back. He acted as if it was our responsibility to find a watch back, buy it ourselves and get him to replace it free of charge for him (even though he did not have the proper tools for it). He even suggested that we buy a whole new watch (which retails around $500 American). The only thing the “owner” did right was not charge us for the battery. Disgusted with this man, we left and went to a jewelry shop down the street where we told them our problem and tried to see if we could get the other watch battery fixed. Obviously we asked this company if they could do it first. They agreed they could and changed the other watch battery out in five minutes. We got the other watch back and they did a professional job without scratching anything. When inspecting the damaged watch, they told us that where it is difficult sometimes to get the lock back watches to open and close but it is fairly easy with the right tool. The employee also said the person who worked on the watch had no idea what they were doing and that it was sloppy work. My wife keeps her jewelry and watches in pristine condition and there were no scratches, dents or wear marks on the watch that was damaged before Blair Furniture got a hold of it. Unless you have a $20 watch that you do not care if it gets scratched do not go to Blair Furniture, Inc. to get a watch battery changed. From our experience, they are irresponsible and refuse to make things right if they damage your property.

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