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Published: 15 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I would NEVER recommend using Blairs Toy Schnauzers in Springhill, FL. Amy is a very unprofessional business person who in my opinion tried to come across threatening and intimidating in her e-mails back to me. I purchased what was suppose to be a miniature schnauzer puppy with the intent on breeding her. My veterinarian suggested that I get a DNA test done on her before I breed her because he doubted from the looks of her that she was a purebred. I did in fact, do a DNA test on my dog and she came back as a miniature schnauzer mix stating that one of her parents was a mixed breed. I contacted Amy to rectify the situation approaching it ever so friendly. I assumed that Amy herself was unaware that one of her dogs was a mixed breed too. Amy became very hostile, wrote e-mails saying how she knew where I lived, she wanted the name of my vet, that DNA is wrong, and so on and so on. Never did I think that she would become such a mean, nasty individual. I am more than willing to do another DNA test on my dog even though I submitted 2 swabs for sampling but only after she does DNA on her DAM! She has DNA on the SIRE but not the DAM which my dog came from. Amy sold me a mixed breed miniature schnauzer as a purebred AKC registered dog according to the DNA results. Her e-mails became very rude and I believe she tried to be threatening and intimidating by saying that she knows where I live. I would NEVER in a million years recommend her business to anyone! I should have read all the other bad reviews on her before I purchased a dog from her! .

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