Blakley Construction Co., Inc

Blakley Construction Co., Inc

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Published: 07 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I hired Jody Blakley with Blakley Construction Co., Inc to build a new home and shop. He says all the right things and is a complete scam. He will get you to commit to something for $2-3,000. Then he’ll have an excuse for why he can’t get the work done. Then heu2019ll propose something else for another $5-6,000 in order to finish the first bit of work that he couldnu2019t get done. Heu2019ll ask for the money up front, because heu2019s u201cjust a small time contractor trying to keep his costs down and pass the savings on to youu201d. Then there will be a third excuse and heu2019ll systematically ask for just a little more in order to get the first two things done. Playing with our natural response to protecting our investment because, even though youu2019ll see the red flags, you donu2019t really want to admit you got scammed, so you put in a little bit more, hoping Blakley Construction will honor his word. In my case, the third thing he asked for was $9800 for surveying and engineering. Which I paid, but then months after the work not getting done, I found out that he didnu2019t pay the engineering and surveying company anything more than the couple thousand down they required to get started. So he literally took in my money, used it, hired a sub-contractor, and then when it was all said and done, I had to deal with a sub-contractor of his threatening to put a lien on our property because Jody wouldnu2019t pay them. Jody might come across like a good old small town boy doing the right thing, but he is a very smart and sophisticated scam. Just like the scams you read about in the newspapers, he will tell you what you want to hear to get you going, then systematically ask for a little more each time than he has already scammed you for, and ultimately, just disappear. In my case, he quoted me a price to remove the trees for the road and building pad. He actually robbed my land of valuable trees, took them to the mill and got paid thousands of dollars, and left me with a massive mess of stumps and brush and now trees gone where 100 year old tamaracks and cedars should still be standing. So it cost me much more to get it all cleaned up, and he stole amazing trees and got paid from the lumber yard to do so. All said and done, he cost me about $25,000 in damages, and he charged me $16,200 of which he did about half the work, but didnu2019t really ever finish a single thing. Had to hire another contractor to pick up where he left off. I paid him for house plans, and he lead me on about his computer crashing for 6 months. He will just tell you something over and over and over again, and just not do it. Some of the excuses I heard over the course of time: Truck broke down, couldnu2019t get off the phone, bad service area, finishing up another job, stuck getting supplies, job is taking longer than expected to do it right, you want it done right right?, my computer crashed, battery dead, waiting on permit, waiting on the county (but when you call the county, theyu2019ll tell you theyu2019ve been trying to call him for weeks and he wonu2019t return their calls). You will have meetings scheduled and you will show up and call Jody after waiting for a half hour and heu2019ll say something like u201cjust finishing up over here, I can be there in 15 minutes if you still want to meetu201d and then heu2019ll show up a half hour later with some random tools and act like heu2019s going to do some work. Then you leave, and guess what? If you wait in town, youu2019ll see him leave your property right after he thinks youu2019re gone. But my all time favorite for not showing up to a meeting was: u201cI just got a phone call that a good friend is lost in the woods and I have to go into the woods to try to find himu201d If you decide to hire Jody Blakley, you will be met with every excuse in the book and youu2019ll be running full speed into a well-oiled and sophisticated small town scam.

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