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Published: 25 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Quality of cars at Blazer Motors isn’t worth a buy and I won’t go back to that dealership. They pressured me to purchase a car that I didn’t want and it’s an overpriced car I couldn’t afford. I wasn’t impressed with the rude and disrespectful team trying to sell me this car.

I didn’t understand the formality of Blazer Motors and of the team working on cars at the company. At the office, I requested agreement information and of the cost of cars available to customers, and of prices as advertised.  No one called on me or assisted in my small request. I didn’t feel a good atmosphere at the front desk while staff sat at their desks relaxed and ignored customers in need of assistance, I tried to find guidance from others in buying a car at Blazer Motors and no success of that happening for me.

It didn’t mean much to staff members to show kindness to customers. In my case, I felt disappointed with staff members and of the poor-quality cars served to customers. They force you to buy their poor-quality cars at high prices. I didn’t want a poor-quality car I wanted what I saw advertised and that looked a good deal from the car dealership.

Our offers in-car prices didn’t match and they weren’t informative about my request for the details of the company. I saw new cars and didn’t think they would force me into the purchase of a car there. No professionals updated me on information as requested.

These car dealers don’t show what they have for sale unless it is at a high price.

I had no information about the company from the staff as I requested. There’s no excellent customer’s service and isn’t a priority at this company.

My experience showed me no professionalism in Blazer Motors, and no excellent communication skills to enlighten me of car deals and of other offers on cars.

Everything I experienced showed me the negative points of the company. Throughout the process of looking at cars and forced to purchase a car, I made up my mind to go to another car dealership. It’s frustrating to have to go through the process with no one to guide you and inform you of information as requested. Poor quality of cars has chased customers from the business.

I had a look and didn’t buy the car from the terrible services I had. I had no interest in buying an expensive car or a fancy car. Since I had looked at the cars in stock, and realized I would fall in a trap of debt if I purchased a car from Blazer Motors. The unknown price of the car I wanted didn’t go as planned. I don’t deal with shady companies and this company is just like them, and from my experience, it’d be better to stay away from them. As I received the worst services from a company, I don’t recommend these companies to anyone I know and of interest.

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