Blockchain Broker's Mining Investment

Blockchain Broker's Mining Investment

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Published: 07 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On July 8, 2019 a person named Michael Beard, Senior Account Manager and Head of Marketing Department of Blokchain Brokers Mining LLC suddenly contacted me via WhatsApp chat by telling that the company offers great bitcoin investment programs that I might be interested in. | After series of chats why and how he could find my contact information, etc., he suggested to take a look at the website of Blockchain Brokers LLC and consider investing at available minimum $1,000 slot. I left it unattended bucause of busyness for a while, but periodically he kept sending chats messsaged via WhatsApp. | I viewed the website with care and found that a man’s picture who scammed me in the past was placed in the satisfied customers’ page and became very cautious as I felt the online platform was a part of such illegitimate people’s tool to do wrongful conducts. | By the beginning of October, I could manage to sort out some urgent issues of the company and when I received another contact by Michael Beard I told I can try $500 in such slot is available. He said he can make the slot reserved for me till I actually send the first investment money in bitcoin for $500. When the day has come and after I sent $500, he told “Oh, someone took such $500 slot already and now only $800 slot is available. You need to send addtional $300 to start the first $800 investment as start up” I was uncomfortable, but I sent additional $300 following his instruction. The investment plan as I was explained was, “275% in 36 hours and you will get $3,006 as you have invested $818”. | When the day to receive the earning back in my account, nothing was returned. And there was no contact from the man till Monday following week. When I contacted, “Oh there was some good mistake and system did something wrong but in a good meaning. The mining process had been programmed to grow till $8,000 instead of $3,000 and you are lucky person. But to keep running the mining process you need to pay $500 for system repair and fine tuning fee, and $300 for token key for continued processing”. I did not like at all as I was expecting only $3,000 but paid back to my account within 2 days. The man kept making so many excuses and trying to justify all what he was talking about additonal cost/fees before returning the increased earning up to $8,000. Ater some days of unfriendly debate and dispute, I made payment of addtional $800 in fees via bitcoins with expectation that the immediate return payment of total $9,000 shall take place. | It did not happen. Michael Beard again started to defend such illegitimate operation and flaws by saying the company is doing the best effort to fix the trouble but clients of this investment program are now requested to pay $1,000 each to collaborate system function repair before the payout shall be taken place. It was non-sense as no tangible evidence of such added costs and fees was shown, just a verbal thing. | I started to complain strongly as such irresponsible errors in system must be taken care of by the service provider of online financial service and the platform was even not functioning when I requested withdrwal online. (Input withdrawal amount was oka, but when clicked to proceed, it bacame white and faded out) It means the platform was not allowing customer to send withdrawal request at all. | After another series of disputes with Michael Beard, he kept saying “we are growing company and thus not yet completely perfect. customers must know it and assume a part of such opertional costs before receiving the earning from mining investment. Are you not trusting me?” | The platform is a defacto online scam site and took money for $1,800 and never returned to date. | Even though the site of platform tells that the company is a licensed and registered in Nevada to run such financial services, there is no actually functioning legitimate operations and the customer service representative express irresponsible and impolite attitude surprisingly.

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