Blood sweat & tears LLC

Blood sweat & tears LLC

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Published: 19 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I am completly blown away at the lying, munipulating narcissitic Gil Finley. We had to have him served Court Papers to appear in Court. He went as far to lie and say that the person who served them “threw them in his sisters face”. We would never do that to anyone. and Second. WE WERE STANDING THERE WATCHING. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM GIL? Are you just that big of a thief that you just honestly think you can just keep money that dosent belong to you. We have given you chance after chance to make this right. We have sent paper after paper to you, your lawyer, on numerous occiasions. the fact of the matter is, YOU JUST DONT HAVE THE MONEY. You have been paid by Home Depot for jobs for physical work that you did not do. That is not hearsay, that is a fact. I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for you family. I feel sorry for the countless people you scam out of money. I feel sorry for the people that actually give you a chance, welcome you into their home only to be lied to. The Sad thing Gil, is that you could be sucessful. You could be really sucessful, if you DID BUSINESS THE RIGHT WAY. IF YOU WERE HONEST, but all You are is a salesman. You sell an idea. You con people into thingking that you care. But the truth is, is that you are only out for yourself. I do feel sorry for you. But i feel more sorry for the family you have. I really dont think they know the extenet of your lies. My guy TRUSTED YOU. AND THATS WHAT is the worst. You know d**n well he is a good guy, has an amazing heart and you took advantage of that. the truth is GIl is that you been doing this for years. I mean come on, 9 CLAIMS ON YOUR BOND, NUMEROUS LAWSUITS. and i dont mean 1 or 2 lawsuits, YOU HAVE BEEN TAKEN TO COURT MORE THAN 40 TIMES. YOU JUST HAD A JUDGMENT AGAISNT YOU. So no, this isnt about “your bs excuse that the invoices are wrong” this is about you ripping off yet another, hardworking, honest person. And for that, I really do feel sorry for you. Because at the end of the day, you KNOW YOU ARE WRONG.

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