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Blooms Today at is a scam.

In September 2017 I bought flowers from them at a discount. Unknowingly to me, they signed me up for \”Blooms Rewards\” program, for which they promptly began to charge me $9.99 monthly. Trying to cancel the membership in this program does not work. They kept on charging my account until they got every penny of the discount that they promised during the sale. I had to cancel the credit card in order to stop their monthly charges.

In addition, absolutely unknowingly to me, they also signed me up for Identity Worldwide program, for which they charged $14.99 monthly, for 3 month, until I stopped the card.

This company is a scam. I do not understand why they have been operating like this since at least 2009. What can be done? Is there an agency overseeing such fraudulent businesses?

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