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BLU Roofing & Construction

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Published: 26 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I hired Blu Roofing in July 2016 after a bad hail storm to complete numerous aspects of repair to our home. I FOOLISHLY paid in full to the company believing this would allow work to be completed asap. I have regretted my decision every single day. It is now May 2017 and very little has been completed. | The roof has been repaired numerous times due to flapping shingles. There has been scaffolding on my house to repair siding for 20 days now with no work occurring or being completed. I have asked numerous times for the scaffolding to be removed because it bangs against the house all hours and is not safe as I have a pet and child. | I have been in constant contact with Blu to ensure progress since paying in Dec. 2016 and have been misguided and lied to every step of the way. I have had to constantly reach out to the company to get updates and never once have received an update without prompting. | I have caught him in numerous lies by verifying order dates and expectation of delivery from siding and window companies myself. I was informed that the windows Blu told me were coming months ago were only ordered on April 21,2017. The siding that has taken months and months to repair and has supposedly been impossible to find yet has a two week order to ship time frame and was one phone call for me to find. | The deck caps that are supposedly no longer in production are just in fact still in production and currently being used by the builder who built our home. The caps that I was told were in his possession in March were just received May 19,2017 and they are not the right color. | To put the cherry on the top, I just received a stop work order from the city due to the companies lack to pull necessary permits to repair my house. | I have every text message and email saved proving the misleading and false information. Whenever Blu is questioned on the progress, or lack there of, the blame is shifted to the supplying companies. The company lost the window order, the siding isn’t available and I have to special order it all, the siding company messed up and sent the wrong siding, the roof is flapping because of the wind (mind you none of my neighbors new roofs flapped because of the same wind) which he then blamed on the positioning of my square home on my square lot next my neighbors square home on his square lot. | It was then the insurance company didn’t send enough money, I contacted the adjuster that came to our home and never once was there contact with my insurance company to retain more money to complete the project as well as the software they use is updated daily to ensure contractors have enough and this type of situation never arises. | The last interaction was when the owner of Blu came to our home to try to assure that the work is being completed and scheduled and once again the delays were not his fault but those of the suppliers and in the same breath let us know he was going out of town for a week maybe a week and a half. | Absolutely and utterly disgusted with the lack of professionalism and morals that this companies chooses not to possess. I thought I did enough research and Home Advisor was steering me in the right direction for a contractor, boy was I wrong. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!! BEWARE WHEN HIRING THIS CONTRACTOR!!!

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