Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

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Published: 17 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Simply put I shopped for an insurance plan paying close attention to the in network (or out of network) status of my doctors and clinics / hospitals that I had either been to or planned to use. When I got the bills everything I had checked and verified was in network was instead billed 10X as out of network. I’m a computer professional and studied the provider look up site and determined that it was giving different responses if you had ever signed in as an insurance holder (Versus being a potential insurance buyer) My $2000.00 out of pocket max was now an unbelievable $23,000.00 bill! | I made screen videos of this system talking out of both sides of its electronic mouth. More disturbing I noted that this system matches your IP address to see if you had a plan. No sign in is needed to get new “Out of Network” responses to everything that was first reported as in network. You have to go to a location with a different IP to get it to give you the customer “In Network” responses. Its just an opinion but this seems very fishy to me. Why go to this effort to have the system give different answers based on you holding a policy or just being from the same IP as someone with a policy? And why note who you are without your needing to log in? | I appealed 5 times and was given form letter style rejections. I pleaded my case in court twice. The first time without a lawyer I was informed I wasn’t allowed to ask for a different policy made retroactive. What? *I agree 100%! However what I insisted on was the policy I paid for to do what it said it would. Before court the problem solver asked more then once “which policy I wanted?”, which (in my opinion) smacks of entrapment. I retained a lawyer for the second go around. This second court case seemed to go well but….. It just never ended. No judgment either way it just disappeared like it didn’t happen. | When BCBS was still talking to me I was communicated with by BCBS people with no last names (Thus no way to contact them back) I was given the bums rush when I went to a local office to voice my complaint and demonstrate the problem. I even offered to fix the problem! Calling the complaint line was according to someone working there clued me in a room full of people with a common line for people to record messages that weren’t listened to. Seriously? Whats wrong with this picture? My Lawyer was intimidated by a goon squad of Ivy league Lawyers and when he refused to give up was just ignored. When my lawyer made complaints to the state without a single word of explanation my bills were “disappeared.” Just like the second court case that never concluded. No admission of guilt or a whoops or sorry about that. Nothing… | If this is not Bad Faith someone tell me what you have to do to qualify? | I wasted countless time on this and made myself nuts. I would like to help anyone else who was on this consumer value network (Platinum) plan in 2015 and got out of network bills for providers that had originally been reported as in network. I know this wasn’t just me. Check out this link its a local TV stations report on this mess | | The brave lawyer (a David versus Goliath) in the last half of the video can be contacted at | Lets get together and fight back against this!

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