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Published: 16 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My 17 year old daughter has been battling drug addiction for almost 4 years. Started with weed and ecstasy, progresssed to spice, heroin, Bars and now meth. She has been arrested and placed in juvi, gone through 2 partcial hospitalization programs relapsed from both. She steals to support her habit, vandalised property while under the influence been convicted of assalut, possesion and shopplifting, been on probation twice and is facing a current charge. She drives under the influence. She lies and manipulates to get what she wants, runs away and sleeps on the streets to get high, been hospitalized twice. Her probation officer, therapist, counselor and the current parcial hopitalization program treating her have referred her to an inpatient residential facility. The crtiteria that must be met per Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan thru Magellan Behavorial Health has been met. Regina at Megellan feels the criteria has been met. Yet Magellan on behalf of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michiganh as denied the initial claim, the doctor to doctor appeal has been denied. The doctor that works for Magellan and has never treated or met my daughter denied the claim and we are cuurenlty waiting on an expedited appeal that can take up to 72 hours. In the mean time she is in a residential treatment program that if Blue Cross and Blue Shiled of Michigan continues to deny the claims I will have to pay for the 5 days and remove her from the program as financially I am already bankrupt from trying to get her help. Substance abuse and residential is a covered benefit on my policy! I have post my story to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan’s facebbok page they removed the posts and blocked me. I have requested a call from them via email, and facebook with no action on there part. Except a low level customer service rep called methis morning , she did not see the denial in the system. I had to tell her that is because these claims are handled via Magellan. Thank you Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan along with Magellan Behavorial health

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