Blue Diamond Bordeaux

Blue Diamond Bordeaux

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Published: 11 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I deposited $2500 directly into Hannah’s bank account in May of 2017 then when my female came into season I kept Hanna up to date on progesterone testing and told her when semen needed to be sent to my vet and after letting me pay for 2 collection boxes says she has an excuse of something she had to do with her children that day and couldn’t send the semen so against my better judgement but she already has my money we decide to wait 6 months for my girls next season and when it happens I alert Hanna and keep her updated with progesterone testing and tell her on 4/3/18 to please send semen out on 4/5/18 to be at my vets office on 4/6/18. | I once again pay for 2 collection boxes and set up for FedEx to pick up at her home per her wishes and then calls me the night of 4/5/18 and tells me FedEx left a note on the box saying it was packaged incorrectly and I have proof from FedEx, so she assures me it will be fine to recollect the dog in the morning and send it out on 4/6/18 to arrive at my vet on 4/8/18 because Sunday is in between there. So when my vet recieves semen on 4/8/18 it is dead so I call Hanna to tell her the semen is dead and she says well we can try again on your girls next heat and I say no way, I’m not paying for more boxes and more FedEx to have you fail again and she says that is your choice and I say an you please return my $2500 since you failed to ever send live semen and she says absolutely not, we don’t do refunds on semen even though that is not stated in her contract.

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