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Published: 07 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Seller an attractive energetic young man wanted to win contest for college- showed me children’s books I gave him a check for $65.00,he did want some cash- I refused said he was from Utah. being a retired teacher and grandmother I fell for the scam he wrote me a receipt. I wish I had gone on line sooner when books didn’t come, I knew something was amiss, My daughter and grandchildren came home while he was in the house. Later she said I think you have been scammed. A good looking 20 something young man came to my door and said he was selling children’s books. He said his name was Dakota Anselmo and working for a scholarship. Prior to that I did ask him if he was from Woodland, CA. He said no, he was from Utah and there were many sellers like he traveling across the country selling these books. I was skeptical, but he was very personable and energetic. Being a grandmother and retired teacher I fell for the packet of children’s books he was selling that would appeal to my 2 and 4 year old grandsons. My daugher, their mother and I read to the boys all the time. He finally pesuaded me to pick out one series and said they would come in 3 or 4 weeks and be like a subscription. I thought it was strange that he only had one glossy pamphlet to show me. I said it would be better if he could give the customer one. He said, he only received one. We talked for quite awhile. I finally wrote him a check for $65.00. It was very hot and he asked for a soda. I gave him a rootbeer. When I was writng a check he asked if I could give him part of the $65.00 in cash. I said no, since I rarely have any cash. Lucky for me I guess. My daughter and grandsons came home at that time just as he was leaving. He did not harm me in anyway, and I did not notice that he took anything. He was the perfcet smooth talking personable young man and now that I know it is a scam, he was a natural and believable con. Seeing some of the horror stories that were written about what happened to some people who opened their doors, I feel lucky I was not harmed or robbed. My daughter who saw him and was introduced stated after he left that she thought it was a scam similar to the one she had in Florida when she was in the Coast Guard and the person was selling magazines which never materialized. My incident happened on one hot afternoon of 8/8/2014. Woodland,CA 95695 .

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