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Blue Fox Nutrition

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Published: 07 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This happened to my wife, using my bank cards debit feature to access my personal checking account. | She saw the products advertised and was interested in trying just the | free sample”. She called in her order and made clear to the representative she was NOT authorizing any future order, she would reorder IF satisfied with the product. Of course being on the phone, it is he said she said as to whether or not the company made it equally clear to her this was a ‘negative subscription’ that she would have to call and cancel or reorders would process automatically. I told her I fell for the same problem with a cosmetic company 2 years ago. So, with no WRITTEN disclaimer or warning of this policy because it was a phone call, there is no proof that she did, in fact, get told of the policy. | Same tale as the others below, two products, free except for postage and handling and then without warning every two weeks another round of both products and auto deductions from MY bank account. Interesting they had no problem talking to a female and using her husbands card, but then shipping it to an address NOT affiliated with that bank card. She caught on with the first unordered shipment and called them only to be told she couldn’t cancel the subscription because it wasn’t her card! WTF? | By the time she had told me about it (I am an over the road driver and that account is strictly for me to fund her household budget) she had called twice and been denied twice. And by then another 2 weeks passed and we got robbed again, this time the prices mysteriously went up $5 per bottle with no warning. As with the other report, the bottles come with NOTHING. No billing invoice, no order printout, just the label on the bottle which is their distribution warehouse, not their business address. She had to back track to figure out WHO she had ordered this crap from. | Enter me. I made a call and was told sure, we’ll cancel it for you but no, you won’t get a refund. They had told me the phone calls are recorded so I demanded a transcript of my wifes phone order to show that she was warned. They then offered to refund the most recent shipment, minus, of course, a restocking fee and another shipping and handling charge and only AFTER I returned the product. | I reported them to my bank and am not sure if I will get a refund from them though my point is that I did not authorize any withdrawal from my checking account. I reported them to the TN Consumer Fraud Division and the BBB and have been hitting them at facebook with the hashtag bluefoxripoff feel free to join in. | Have no idea how this will play out. How does any human work for a scam company like this and how do they stay in business? Shameful. | Below is a questionaire that asks if I used a credit card, how do I reply? I didn’t, I used a debit card linked to a personal checking account. If I put down that it is a credit card, a second question pops up “is this an on-line transaction”. It wasn’t, it was a telephone order but if I click NO, it takes away the check mark I just entered saying it was a credit card.

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