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Published: 08 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

They sold me a pre-owned car for the price of a new one, did not previous checks and charged me thousands of dollars for repairs they should’ve handled before selling the car to me!
I’ll start by saying that people in this center is very dishonest, they don’t make customers feel valued, instead, they make fun of you and blame every problem they have on you. I went there last year to buy a 2017 Land Rover that, according to their site, was only used a couple times and on short distances. The salesperson didn’t let me test-drive, said I needed to commit to the purchase first, and finally, he didn’t even let me take a look on the inside! He refused to open the door until I had signed with them, what kind of sales tactic is that?
I should’ve known that they didn’t want me to check the car for a reason, but I was so excited about this car that I didn’t notice. Once I was officially the owner of that beautiful Land Rover, I took it home and noticed a strange smell coming from the backseat, I checked, and there was nothing on the seats, I checked under the floor mats and found actual trash, a half-eaten chocolate bar, and candy envelopes everywhere. That was just disgusting, I took it back the next day to have them clean the car as they supposedly did before, they charged me $120 for it! Also, they took more than a week to do the cleaning, so far, I had only used my new car for a total of 1 day.
In this week I was without my car, I had time to check over the e-mails we’d shared, and noticed that the price I had originally seen online for this pre-owned car was at least $10000 less than what I had actually paid for, not only that but the price I ended up paying was the same price for a brand new 2018 Land Rover. I had been officially robbed by these people twice, and that was not the end.
I picked up my car and spoke to the manager about the prices, he said there was nothing he could do since the prices shown online were only an estimated of the actual prices. He never showed any concern about my situation or tried in any way to help me feel better about the experience. Instead, he said that I should enjoy my car since they had cleaned it just for me, very high words considering I paid for the service.
On my way home, the car started shaking and suddenly stopped, making the airbag come out and almost choke me, I had to contact them yet again. The car would not start, and upon checking it, the mechanic said the car needed at least $20000 worth of repairs. And something worth mentioning, they blamed these problems on me just so they wouldn’t have to cover the repairs with the warranty. It’s been a year since I’ve had the car, and they are still refusing to fix it, insisting that I (in the one and only time I actually drove the car, for less than 50 miles) was the one who caused the damages.

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