Blue Inc. of Schaumburg, IL

Blue Inc. of Schaumburg, IL

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Published: 23 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I found a report from 2018 that documented my exact experience. I was foolish enough to get sucked into their scam and after 3 weeks of being criticized, nagged and bullied I told them I was done. I was told the schedule was Monday – Friday 11:30 to 8:30 and Saturday 9:30 to 4:00. My first day was a Saturday and I was told to be at work by 8:30am. On Monday they called me at least 5 times during my drive to work wanting me to be there at 10:30. When I complained that the times I needed to be there weren’t written down they said I was frustrated and to go home. I told them they needed to be specific about the schedule and the schedules for the meetings. On week 2 the guys in the office were making jokes, snickering and giggling over the Playboy channel. I asked them to please be considerate of the only female (myself) in the room. The girls also seemed to have issues; we were required to come to work dressed in office attire and then after the meetings to change into street clothes for going door to door. All the girls would tie up the stalls in the ladies bathroom so I changed my clothes in the main area of the washroom. I was not removing all my clothes, simply change from a skirt to slacks and blouse to a Tshirt. The girls seemed to be offended and accused me of being immodest. At the time I didn’t see any way to resolve their problem and honestly felt that since I was in the bathroom the problem was theirs to deal with. By week 3 everything came to a head and I told them if they had a problem with my changing in the washroom they should go to the washroom upstairs. On Wednesday of week 3 after a discussion with the office manager during which I told him that changing in the washroom shouldn’t be a big deal he implied that “changing in the bathroom” was (exhibitionist) and comparable to him joking about the Playboy channel. He basically said I needed to change and he would do nothing about the employees. I busted my butt and made 6 sales during my time there and as yet have received no money. I am at the point where there’s got to be a way to get someone to get me some wages. Please… anyone considereing this company for a job, please don’t take it, you won’t get paid, and you’ll get used as I did.

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