Blue Leaf Estate Auctions

Blue Leaf Estate Auctions

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Published: 15 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

When our vacation home in Arizona sold, I had only a month to get the family that was renting it and all of our furnishings out. I had done an estate sale for my parents previously and I knew that this was a great option. A family member scheduled appts with 3 estate sale companies. He met with two companies that do true estate sales and with Blue Leaf. Stephanie and Rowlan represented themselves as being an Estate Sale Business. They brought up the concept of an onsite auction over the phone but I stated that I really wanted an estate sale, not an auction. They said “no problem”, we do estate sales too. | After the family met with two highly recommended estate sales companies, he met with Blue Leaf. After arriving at the home, Blue Leaf, began talking about an auction again. He stated that auctions are the only way to do a sale. That estate sales where items are setup, staged, priced etc are a waste of time and that an auction brings twice the proceeds. He proceeded to bad mouth estate sale companies. The family member that met with them was convinced that an auction was the best way to go. Don’t do it!! | Do Not Fall For Blue Leaf Estate Auctions Smooth Talking Front man Rowlan Hill! This Company comes into the house, nothing gets setup or researched. They do very little advertising and their Auction ads are not allowed on the Estate sale pages of the major advertising spots. They have to advertise in the Auction sections only. I found out later on that there are Way less subscribers and followers for Auctions as opposed to the estate sales and there is very little passerby traffic for auctions. The sale had poor turn out. They did not prep anything for the sale. They just open up cupboards and drawers and auction off everything in groupings or lots. It took several weeks to get paid and I still have not received any tracking or paperwork as was promised. | After the fact, I did research. Yes, that was really stupid of me. Blue Leaf has dozens of complaints. While their reviews look decent on Yelp, that are many negatives that are in the “not recommended” section at the bottom of the page. Apparently this is where many reviews fall that do not meet Yelps computerized check system. I found out about this after my review got put into that hidden category. So be sure and alway look towards the bottom of every businesses Yelp review page. Many of their “positive” reviews are from employees and friends. | I found out that while Rowlan has many years experience being an auctioneer, he is New to the Estate Sale Auction Business and New to it in Arizona. Stephanie Garcia has little experience too. They claim to be an Award winning company. Yes, Mr Hill has won auctioneering awards but again, nothing related to Estate Sales. Their background checks show bankrupcies, and dozens of addresses from California, Texas and Arizona. | I wish I had listened to the warnings about having an auction. Here is what I learned: | If you want to have a true estate sale, this is what that means: | Estate Sale: Company comes in and spends 2-10 days(depends on the size of your sale and the company size) and they organize, setup and stage everything in the home. Items in cupboards and closets and drawers and setup on tables. Often the items are cleaned to make things show better. | Estate Sale: Company researches items that are higher dollar and takes care to properly price those items. | Estate Sale: Advertises on estate sale sites with thousands of followers and allowed to use the Estate Sale Headings that most people follow. | Estate Sale: Conducts a sale over 2-3 Days. They negotiate and actually SELL, not leaving everything up to friendly bidders. | Estate Sale: Most good companies will not sell your more valuable items for pennies on the dollar without first talking to you | Estate Sale: Estate Sale Company has Control over the pricing and negotiating of your belongings. A Good Estate Sale Company knows how to price and how to sell. | Estate Sale: Most Estate sale Companies work on 20-35% Commission | Estate Auction: Nothing is setup or organized or Cleaned. | Estate Auction: Everyday type items, office supplies, kitchen, etc etc are auctioned in box lots, not sold individually. Therefore you lose a lot of money. | Estate Auctions: Done in 1 day, Bad turnout, Has very little passerby traffic because Newbies are often too shy to do bidding or ask how to participate. | Estate Auctions: The only people that benefit are the Auction Company and the Buyers. The price of your belongings is determined by the buyer, not a person representing your best interests. The buyer wants it as cheap as possible. | Estate Auctions: Friendly Bidders that know each other and are courteous to Not run up the price for a friend or acquaintance. | Estate Auctions: Auctions might offer a lower commission rate but the Buyers have to pay a buyers premium 10-15% of the amount of their purchases. Buyers take that extra percentage into consideration when they determine how much they are willing to bid on your belongings. | Estate Auctions: They will tell you that you can be at the auction and that and estate sale company will not allow you to be present. Don’t fall for this, if you shop around, there are estate sale companies that will allow you to be present if that is your desire. | This info is from my experience. | Do not let Anyone talk you into an Estate Sale Auction Especially by Blue Leaf. You will lose Thousands of Dollars. | Oh yes! Blue Leaf will comment that I was not a client of theirs. Feel Free to contact or comment. I am more than happy to show proof/link to my sale etc.

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