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Published: 02 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

If you want the short version, Blue Moon Recruiting, LLC (BMR) has refused to pay me for three weeks work as their Director of Recruiting (DoR). During my employment as DoR, I worked for three weeks including weekends for salary plus commission. Here’s where it gets interesting but first a warning. Avoid this company, Blue Moon Recruiting, LLC. You will be better off in your previous job or with no job at all rather than working for Blue Moon Recruiting, LLC. Any business would be advised to also steer clear of Blue Moon Recruiting, LLC for their unprofessionalism and poor recruiting potential. I was contacted by a Blue Moon Recruiting, LLC partner, Jessica Davis, via email. After our interview I was excited to enter the civilian work force. I spent the next two weeks learning that they did not have a recruiting operation plan. At the end of those two weeks we reworked and signed a contract bringing me into the office as a permanent party recruiter. Correction, as the ONLY permanent party recruiter. As the only in-house recruiter, they made me the Director of Recruiting. I like to think it was based on my several years of military recruiting experience but, now, I know better. Doing what service members do best, I saw a problem and found a way to address it. I identified multiple levels at which the company was lacking and over the next three weeks attempted to create something from nothing. This is a 3rd party recruiting company that has little to no previous recruiting experience and are recruiting in the trucking industry with ZERO previous trucking experience. I had my work cut out for me. The only in-house employee that had ANY previous trucking experience left the company the week after they reworked my contract. They are solely dependent on virtual recruiters whom I am told had previous truck driver recruiting experience but only ONE maintained consistent communication. After three weeks of creating a working history of what the company was capable of producing, I realized that everything that I had been told during my interview was a lie and that my salary was based on false numbers. This was about the same time the President, acting CEO, partner or whatever she is calling herself today had a nervous breakdown after failing to lock in a new contract. Understandable, since new recruiting contracts had previously been dealt with by the gentleman that just left the company! I attempted to work through the lies because I wanted this job but you cannot feed your family with lies. I put in my two weeks’ notice June 08, 2015 and was told I could work from home for the next two weeks. I requested to pick up my personal belongings from my desk at which time I found that they had already raided and found my divorce papers and my copies of my contracts; ignorant of me to not think that the company would conduct itself with integrity after so many examples contradicted such action. Upon further requests for my personal documents and first/last paycheck BMR fabricated a Texas law stating that they could not pay me until I provided my child support information. I quickly got a free consultation that advised me that not only was this false but suggested that I consult them further. I wanted to settle this out of court. When again I requested my first/last pay I found that their new stance was, after destroying any copies of my reworked contract, that I was an independent contractor and I was only entitled to my commission; roughly half of what they owe me in salary. To sum it all up, Blue Moon Recruiting, LLC has a toxic working environment. Your private information (i.e. an employee had to wear adult diapers due to medical reasons, a mothers (One of the partners… No one’s safe…) drinking hypocrisy mocked because her underage daughter did the same and another was previously fired from an unspecified company for incompetence) will be spread through the office unrestrained and by the highest echelon. If that wasn’t enough, they won’t pay you.

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