Blue Ribbon French Bulldogs

Blue Ribbon French Bulldogs Review

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Published: 27 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Debbie Binkley HIGHFILL aka Blue Ribbon Frenchbulldogs Three years ago I was in the market for a blue frenchies I found this woman on the web I liked a male she had so we moved ahead. I told her I wanted him and that was the plan two weeks in rigfht after i had tried to use paypal but had trouble getting it to work and after hearing horror stories from other breeders I stopped the transfer. Next she wanted cash in her account just drop it in well idk about you but my bank my lawyer everyone advised against that as no proof what or who put the money in.So I put a check in then I got calls from several people in the Dog Breeding World that knew she was friends with a breeder Dee Carlin who has several reports on this very site.I called we stopped the transaction a week prior to the final date on this pup the same week we had our bank account hacked I sent her a cc of the bank letter the police report ect and actually emphasized that to not huirt her feelings that I didnt want her dog as her business associate was on this site.She threw a fit threatened me my family said idf I didnt buy her dog Id be ruined so I contacted her local BBB to act as liasion in the mater. I sent her a fee for the payment I cancelled and she signed a non dis closure.All done well in december I was sold a critically ill dog which i had filed a cilvil suit in court to get to the bottom of it she has some cronies mr danny shane a retired cop that is a cyber bully who contacted my minor child with hate mail becaused I filed suit on this brreder. ts a growing problem in bulldogs big name breeder selling sick animals unable to breed to unsuspecting customers.This woman apitomises this.Bulling is the tecnique of these people they steal your money and leave you holding the bag with nothing.Let me say I have never been sued and all her aqusations are falsehoods as I filed a civil restrainer order against her friends and it was granted.She now after three years posted nastiness on this site trying to destroy me.But IVE FILED A HUGE CIVIL SUIT AGAINST HER AND HER CRONIES.Its bad when people from years ago crawl out of woodword like roaches.She has daily keep bashing me giving me all the ammo I need .SO BE CAREFUL BEFORE YOU GET SOLD A SICK DOG WITH HUNG PAPERS AND STAY AWAY FROM HER> Its to bad but remember cyber bulling is a crime ive hear from countless breeders of her scams and her dogs with fake papers health problems ect.Before this ive never bad moulthed anyone its not my style but I must react to the cruelty shes rained on me and my family.her dogs look nice but check behind the glossy pixs anyone who terrorizes people for sport should be stopped.A MEAN RUDE LADY A CYBER BULLY AND SOMEONE WHO WILL SQUEEZE YOU FOREVER NOT A NICE LADY CHECK WITH BBB.TO BAD AS NONBE OF THIS IS ADULT BEHAVIOR ITS THE CASE OF OLD LADIES WHO LOVE TO BULLY REALLY CRUEL.AND PEOPLE WHO ALWAYD BASH OTHERS ITS ALWAYS BECAUSE THEY HAVE MUCH TO HIDE.ive reported to this site about the cyber bullining and have hired thier attorney to go after this person. Take it from me dont mingel with her shes a cruel person. .

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