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Blue Ribbon Representation LLC

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Published: 03 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I could go on and on. The CEO, Patrick Vick and his management staff have been manipulative and conniving since the inception of our business partnership. They failed to inform me about simple things like, if you aren’t on the phone the entire time that you are on the clock, you don’t get paid, you’re only paid if you get a phone call so if 15 mins goes by without a call, that’s 15 mins less of the half hourly pay (they pay for “intervals” which are 30 mins each). Of course, when payday came around there was ALWAYS a problem. I worked with them for 3 months, one month was unpaid training, which I understood and accepted only because the 1099 contract from guaranteed a monthly salary of $1733 for 40 hours worked, the contract is very plain, not hard to read at all, there is no jargon in it that requires a dictionary or a thesaurus, it clearly states that 40 hours of work equals $1733/month ($10/hour, less fees). So when the first payday arrived, I found out that my 42 hours were cut down to only 15.5 hours, and my paycheck quickly went from just over $600 to $150. The company also advertised $16 per hour for the client that I was servicing but paid me $10/hour regardless, even though my metrics were fine. When I brought it up they apologized and assured me that it would be fixed but then gave me the classic run around the rest of the time, so I got stiffed with that as well. Even when I was unable to service due to technical issues on behalf of Arise, I spent extra time that was not paid for, after my shifts, submitting detailed tickets to make sure that my CA “Comittment Adherence” would not be negatively impacted and Arise approved my tickets each time so I was one of the good workers, and I was still defrauded. There was always a problem during payday and after the 3rd time that they decided to make me wait over a week after the scheduled payday to receive funds, I became upset because I saw this as them buying time to find ways to creatively slice my payment. I expressed my discontent in a very professional manner and boy was that a mistake. The owner never paid me again. After going back and forth with management team, Ashley Anne Andrews, Jessie Vidal, I was blocked from contacting them. He also placed my SOW under suspension so I can’t log into my Arise account or even move to another IBO until after a certain date this month because I’m in between a rock and a hard place. The company won’t encourage me to stay by making normal payments like a normal company, but they won’t let me go either. It’s a twisted nightmare that makes me regret ever having signed up for this in the first place. I’m upset with arise Virtual Solutions, I’m upset with Comcast/Xfinity, I’m upset with Blue Ribbon Representation, LLC., I’m upset with Patrick Vick, CEO of BRRep, LLC., but most of all, I’m upset with MYSELF for falling for this scam. Shame on Comcast for outsourcing important work to crooked companies just to wash their hands and save money while at it by not having to pay for benefits, including paid breaks, shame on Arise Virtual Solutions for providing the platform for Independent Business Operators to pop up over night and steal money from a class of workers who are already underpaid to begin with, and shame on crooked IBO’s like Blue Ribbon Representation, LLC. for being so mischievous and petty, that they act out against their own workforce, out of spite, instead of running a real business. Blue Ribbon won’t be in business for much longer anyway, the entire staff is pretty much gone at this point and those who are still there are on their way out, unfortunately, some are not in a position to move around and can’t afford to take the financial hit so they choose to stay and get underpaid and overworked, they accept less money out of fear because they have children to feed and bills to pay. We all do, but these poor people rely heavily on their jobs and they are afraid of Patrick Vick because of his intimidating and spiteful tactics. He WILL withhold your paycheck and will even use dirty tactics to mess with people’s livelihoods. The owners, Patrick Vick and Michael Graham, have no moral compass. It is only a matter of time before they move on to another quick money making scam. In the 6 months that they have been in business they’ve made thousands of dollars from Arise and disbursed crumbs to the contractors who actually performed the work to earn the money. It is clear that they did not set up the company to offer a wonderful opportunity to the many people who need it, as their website claims, but they set it up, cheap, to make a quick lump sum and move on to another (crooked) business venture. If this wasn’t true, they would run their business with integrity. Mr. Vick boasts about his leadership accomplishments in the U.S. armed forces and uses it to leverage his position as C.E.O., but from what I’ve personally witnessed, he is no leader, he is extremely prideful which contributes to his selfishness and he is also manipulative. He wouldn’t put the needs of his workers or colleagues before his own like a true leader, instead, he would probably use them as human shields to protect himself, just as he has done with countless ex employees at his latest company, Blue Ribbon Representation, LLC. Shame on him and Michael Graham for their lack of ethics.

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