Blue Ridge Mazda

Blue Ridge Mazda

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Published: 30 July 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Blue Ridge Mazda told me the reason my 11 year old Mazda 626 was shifting rough was because it needed 5 new motor mounts which would cost me $1,165. When I questioned the Service Manager about possible transmission failure I was told the problem was the motor mounts.While not an easy decision to spend this amount of money on a car with 171,000 miles, my wife and I decided to make the repair of the bad motor mounts. Much to our dismay, when we picked the car up from Blue Ridge Mazda, the car was still shifting the exact same way.I called the dealership the next day to report the problem still existed despite my $1,165 investment to fix the problem. The technician told me that he now believed the car was having transmission failure. Obviously, I would not have fixed the motor mounts if they had been honest and told me I was also facing a $3,000 transmission replacement. Rather, I would have chosen to salvage the car as the repairs would have far exceeded the value of the car.The dealership is refusing to work with me. I offered to pay half of the motor mount replacement expense, $582.50, but they contend they did nothing wrong and that I owe the full amount. At one point, an Assistant General Manager named Rob called me at 8:45pm on my cell phone to inform me that he felt I had a legitimate complaint and that he would personally take care of the problem. Two days later he calls me and tells me that his GM, Dara Nielsen, completely refuses to admit that they made an error, thus, they would not do anything for me.

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