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Blue Wave Trading

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Published: 01 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We did post that on another website for reporting rips or scams – but not here – and so we were contacted by those affected and asked to write a small word to clarify the public notice – as in the end BWT and MT did put down swords and move onwards. For a token settlement of some licenses we settled for the removal and denial of our brand and role and our tech and not to pursue royalties…as long as the developer who has our code doesn’t use it outside of the scope of the BWT projects – or release the open source… | We have agreed to remove all traces of BWT from our websites and testimonials to prevent people finding our software contained in the MicroTrends MTDS products and using that for free for sim – instead of buying the BWT software. So BWT has asked MicroTrends to remove all traces of the fact there tech was created on our software based on the MTDS free for sim underneath which powers it all currently as of 2013 to 2016 in terms of strategy engine + also- excepting now the indicators such as the ATR Volatility Precision Trend – this has the nice blue and red bars synonymous with BWT’s brand- which shows the trend -which is a nice feature of the Bluewave version of that indicator…. So that now replaces a lightweight version I used for BWT of a more sophisticated unique proprietary indicator MTDS USAR which is an advanced evolution of the original type of public ATR Volatility algo’s and very effective for more than just one signal it has many – so it’s different… | So the point is folks – we are not in competition, we are not educators or software vendors primarily – developer traders more so we charge for consultancy… so please note our software is very different and you won’t get our secrets or info on trading it.. .you have to use it and find that out… you will love it or hate it – it’s a large tool set powering many ways of trading – our tech is a foundation with many uses – therefore it’s much much more sophisticated and therefore much more adaptable but much more complex compared to the user friendly design of the Bluewave trader – our native product has 100s of parameters and features and additional modes so it’s not at all the same thing -we can trade in numerous different approaches embracing all those before and more beside its open source so you can alter it to fit your approach if need be. So to clarify the only place you can get the Blue Wave Trading AutoTrader is from Bluewave – it’s not the same as the MicroTrends MTDS evolution but has many similarities yes – ours is suited for highly techy types of developer/traders only 🙂 however yes you can just download it compile it and add it and see what happens… free.. good luck | We do know that many traders have a problem with paid for trials and the like – but we also know there are many people who relicensed the BWT (MT) NinjaTrader 7 technology and love it so they must surely find some use for it 🙂 | So perhaps – my advice is trust no one.. don’t pay for anything – get a free trial if you don’t like paid for trials or risking finding out the product doesn’t work for you in the way you thought it might. Be prepared to dig in for some hard work and testing and then decide if it’s for you.. if it can work for you… but then who am I? | just a trader and developer having lots of fun 🙂 | best to all | Tom | MicroTrends |

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