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Published: 04 April 2019

Posted by: tyler

If you think that you have worked for some bad companies in your life then be ready, because Bluegrace Logistics is going to top that list. It is the worst one in the industry, but I can say that they are going to give you a memorable experience, that you will remember for the rest of your life. If you are having a hard time believing me, then simply ask the HR reps of Bluegrace Logistics about their turnover rate that will clear up most of your doubts about this company. They will try to justify their horrible turnover percentage by telling you stories and fake facts. You might expect the Chief Executive Officer of a big company like Bluegrace to be experienced and mature, but guess what, they are not going to be meeting your expectations because the CEO just graduated a couple of weeks ago. And he has the worst ego, he will rain bad words on you if you don’t kiss his ass and follow him around like a dog all day long. Their BG’s sales plan is to get as many people as possible to work for the company and find out the hidden secrets of the competition. I can guarantee you one thing that you will be fired by the company after a couple of months of hiring.

They will tell you that the company has some enthusiastic dreams and visions and you can be a part of it, they will also tell you that you can make a hefty amount of money by working for them. You will praise like a god during the interview, they might even tell you that they will pay any amount of money if you work with them. This is their most common strategy to get people hooked. Because once you fall into their trap, it is almost impossible to get out. In just a year 2018, they fired the majority of their employees. So if you were looking for a safe career choice, you obviously should avoid BG.

Most of their employees don’t get their checks cleared on time, as the payment department of this company is totally f****d up. I had to wait for 4 months just to get my salary. CEO himself writes off the checks and he is a lazy guy, so that should tell you how promptly you are going get paid here.
The COO of BG is a big narcissist and he fires most of the people who do not follow his foolish way. He fired two friends of mine who were the top BG performers, but he fired them because they denied following his way. He forces his methods on employees and teaches shit.

To top it all off, if your lead doesn’t pay the company under 15 days; they are going to be spammed by the company’s collections team. And they will just abuse the customer as much as they can until he or she pays up.
Any smart person will not stay with this organisation

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