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Stay Away, It Is a Massive Mess

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Published: 25 September 2019

Posted by: John Hoover

Like millions of people across the globe, I surely love vacations but it is my quest for the perfect vacation package that led me to the absolutely nonsensical venture called Bluegreen Getaways. They are sneaky bastards are clearly up to no good but the thing is that I did not just reach that conclusion without basis, I have my reasons and I will spell them all out. This website was set up by crooks who do everything possible to convince you that they offer the very best of timeshare vacation packages. Their promotions are very catchy but as you will see very soon, it is nothing but all lies. They claim to share happiness (see image) but all they really share is horror. 




 Most people that I have spoken with about getting scammed by Bluegreen Vacations all said that they were approached at a public place by a representative of Bluegreen Vacations. These greasy liars will approach you and tell you about the fantastic vacation packages that you have never even heard of before in your life. You asked them if it is based on timeshare plans but they will tell you not at all. They will lie to you that they were just doing advertorials for the tourism companies that organize tours and visits to exclusive destinations. Then the people sign up and the next thing you get from them is a crazy email that the vacation that you booked for was going to expire anytime soon. Then when you end up calling the company itself, they will give you the shocker of your life. It is at this point that many realized that they have been duped because that is when you know that it was nothing but a timeshare. 

 If you then tell them that you have heard that it is nothing but the usual timeshare crap and you were interested in getting your money back, they will tell you that there was no refund at all. They will not tell you anything about their ridiculous refund policy until you ask for refunds and they will say sorry that anything more than a month that they do not have refunds for such transactions and it is at that moment that many eventually realized that they have been duped by another worthless timeshare scam. The only difference with Bluegreen Vacations is that they have carefully packaged their scam in such a way that it is really colorful. In doing this, so many people are deceived and do not even realize it until it is too late. Below are images from the Bluegreen Vacations website showing you how fantastic their destinations are. 






In some other cases, their bait was not to approach you in a shopping mall but you get a call direct from them. How they manage to lay their filthy hands on people’s numbers I never got to figure out but I know they did call some of their victims then made some ridiculous claims as to what they offered. In this case, if you fall for their offers, you make the payment but then when you intend to have a rescheduling or refund done for any of the plans you have chosen, then you realize the real nature of the scam. 

Bluegreen Getaways has employed every ad and promo trick on the Internet just to ensure that they have their message out. It is these well-crafted messages that they relentlessly send out with the hope of ensnaring innocent and unsuspecting people. And it was one of these useless promotional messages of theirs that I saw and felt they were responsible so I decided to invest my money with them and give them a try – only for me to end up regretting the whole thing. And that is the precise reason why I am here today to let everyone know that Bluegreen Getaways is not what they claim to be and everyone should have absolutely nothing to do with them. 



My experience is horrible and even having to relate it here again leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. I was invited to one of their lackluster presentations and I was shown several vacation destinations. Their sales agents or representatives (who are actually nothing but expert liars) managed to convince me to make the purchase and that was precisely what I did but what followed next was absolute disaster and nightmare. 

 Not long after I made the purchase, I was very excited because I was already dreaming of all the adventures that I was going to enjoy at my dream vacation destination. So, I decided to apply and send in a booking for the destination. What I got was nothing but the shock of my life. The destination was booked ahead of time for 18 full months! I could not believe it, no one told me this at Bluegreen Vacations. Their representatives made it sound so easy that I could place in booking and secure a destination immediately but that was not the case. All their sales offers were nothing but packs of deceit. Why not just tell us that there are no vacation spots so people will not waste their time with the ridiculous purchases. But that was not the worst part of my experience with Bluegreen Vacations. 

 Saddened and disappointed, I was not able to choose the destination of my choice, so what I decided to do was to check their other options. I saw one that available in some weeks and I booked it. However, as the trip date approached, I had an emergency at work and I felt the best thing and most logical step for me was to cancel the trip. So I reached out the Bluegreen Vacations agents and told them I could not make the trip again so I needed to cancel it but what came next was a shocker, a real shocker that made me regret the very first day I agreed to have anything to do with Bluegreen Vacations. They told me point blank that it was impossible for me to cancel. To make things worse, they said if I did not attend the next session, I was going to pay a full cost of the trip I was going to miss. After I insisted that I needed to cancel it, they decided to slam me a fee of $200. They told me it was their standard fee for cancellation. It was just very bad for me and in order to avoid all their ridiculous charges, I decided to go for the trip since it was in the next state. 

When I got to the destination on the said date, I thought I was at the wrong address. The reason for this is that the location was totally different from what they had preached to me in their offer. There was nothing luxurious about the hotel and the facilities were straight out of a dusty museum that looked like a thousand years old. If it did not happen to me, I would have totally felt someone was telling me a ridiculous story. 

I settled into the hotel and it was a huge nightmare. Cockroaches and other insects were running all over the room reserved for me and they did not even have the kindness to put an air freshener in the room. The whole place was stinking that I could not spend up to ten minutes and I had to rush to the lobby. The staff at the hotel were very unprofessional and did not help at all. I had approached the receptionist who appeared to be dozing at her desk and she simply ignored my request. Enraged, I called Bluegreen Vacations to lodge a complaint and the response I got was even worse than the one from the sleepy receptionist. 

 The guy at the other end of the phone at Bluegreen Vacations was not only nonchalant, but he was also very rude. He was shouting at me and even said I was lying. I reconfirmed the address and name of the hotel to him so he could check. He said he needed five minutes to check it so I waited. After two hours of waiting for the call from Bluegreen Vacations that never came, I decided to call them again – the guy simply refused to pick. And there I was, stranded in what was probably the worst hotel on our side of the world. I was scammed and scammed by Bluegreen Vacations and I started blaming myself. I had to call my friend to send me funds urgently so I could leave the hotel and just return to my base. 

 Unknown to me, my horror had just started. There was no train ride for the day and bad weather had grounded flights at the airport. I tried if any direct bus shuttle was available but I realized that there was absolutely no other option. The worst had happened because I had no other choice but to return to the hell hole called a hotel that Bluegreen Vacations had reserved for me. As I sunk into the old chair in the hotel room watching the rumpled bed with wet bed covers, I was asking myself how I even got to that point in the first place. I did not even make the mistake of ordering for any meal because eating at such a hotel was tantamount to swallowing poison. So even though I was almost collapsing from hunger, I was clearly not going to order any meal from that hotel. 

  Night came quickly and then I knew the real definition of horror. More roaches emerged from virtually every corner of the room. Calling the reception desk was of no use because no one was responding. And to make things worse, the air conditioner was not working at that point so it was like boiling in an oven. So, I would not die of suffocation, I decided to just open the window and stand there. Sleep was impossible under such circumstances so I was awake all night. 

 As I remained sleepless, I kept thinking and I kept trying to reach the Bluegreen Vacations team but shockingly, they refused to respond to my calls or messages. I was dying of rage and all I wanted to do was to give them a review of the stupid hotel that they promoted to me as a luxury resort and tourist destination. But it was like they too had an idea of how shabby the hotel was so they preferred not to engage me at all. It was while staying awake in this ridiculous hotel that I started to check out for the experience of other people with Bluegreen Vacations. 

 Up until that time, I never even had the slightest idea that it was possible for Bluegreen Vacations to be a scam that was only interested in duping people by giving them vacation destinations that do not exist. And by the time people realize that they have been scammed like it was in my own case, it was too late. What blew my mind is that littered all over the Internet were blood-stained reviews from several people on how Bluegreen Vacations messed up things for them. I was more than shocked and at that moment, I was asking myself why I did not bother to even do a background check before making a purchase with these greedy sets of lazy louts. 



Bluegreen Vacations is built on a lie and the only thing that they sell to innocent people are equally massive lies. They will lie so you can part with your money only for you to realize later that they do not have what they claim. They are good at making shiny adverts but the fact is that it is all shiny lies. You should run away from Bluegreen Vacations and do not make the same mistake that so many people like me made, do not bother yourself to have any purchases with them. It is nothing but a whole pack of headache, confusion, disappointment, scam and for sure, regrets upon regrets. 



When I was devastated by my experience with Bluegreen Getaways, I decided to open up to my friends and family members. They did not blame me at all, they understood but what came after that even shocked me more. There was a family friend of ours who said they had purchased shares from Bluegreen Getaways for almost three years and the total number of vacations that they had was ZERO. When they told me this, I was more than shocked because I was with them for six months and I was even feeling like I had spent an eternity with them. 

 The family friend also agreed with me that Bluegreen Getaways guys were masters of convincing adverts and that they would make their offers sound so attractive that only the smartest of people will see through the crap that they are passing across. Their own experience was quite horrible, they told me that all their attempts to book and make reservations were futile. Each time they tried to make a reservation, they were turned down and the excuse given by Bluegreen Getaways was the same they gave to me. They would annoyingly tell you that there were no openings. 

 Another friend of mine had been an ‘owner’ with Bluegreen Vacations for more than a decade. His verdict was overwhelmingly negative. He stated that the sales agents were nothing but masters of lies and deceit (I totally agree with that because that was precisely the same experience that I had). He made me realize that you can even apply for a vacation one full year ahead and then you realize that they have absolutely nothing for you. Their goal is to do nothing but sell and rake in those outrageous profits. As for getting you to those fantastic destinations, just forget it, they are not going to do that for you. And do not also waste your time going to their conferences and events, it is nothing but a total waste of time. 

I will seriously advise you that you avoid Bluegreen Vacations and anything that has to do with them in any way or form whatsoever. Do not end up wasting your hard-earned money. If you plan to have a vacation with your friends, family or loved ones, my sincere advice to you is that you take time to get this done YOURSELF. Take time out to look for the best hotel or guest house or even inn, book your reservation yourself or even get good bookings at the best cuisine places in your dream destination. Whatever you do, just make sure that you do not involve Bluegreen Vacations at all and in any way. Do not make the mistake of having timeshare packages with them because nothing good is going to come out of it. Save your money and you will be saving yourself a lot of headaches – not to mention the unrelenting heartache that comes with having anything to do with Bluegreen Vacations. 

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