Bluemagic Bulldogges

Bluemagic Bulldogges

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Published: 17 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

This breeder sells high priced olde English bulldogs, he is a so called respected breeder I thought until he sold me a high priced puppy that ended up with genetic issues. This puppy was under a year old and health guarentee was still in effect. Puppy was taken to more than one vet and he was told and given proof. Have not heard from him and if he was a so called respectable breeder, he would care about the pups, the people who spend a few thousand on the puppy. Should want to replace with a new puppy or refund money but he just avoided me after this happen. I feel if your going to sell a high priced dog then you should obide by your health contract but it clear he is only about the money and don’t care about his contract, pups, dogs or clients. I have learned this has happen to a couple other people, one pup with leg issues and another with hip issues. People who are unscrupulous have something to hide. If you’re a good hearted honest person if you have bad blood with someone, all you are interested in is either making things better or just controlling damage from a conflict. If you’re a person who is underhanded you have something to hide and have to put others down so you look good by comparison to your own lil’ circle. People in his circle include FortKnox Bullies and Blacklick Bulldogges both located, all 3 are located in ohio. Bluemagic Bulldogges can not be trusted, if so he would not of ignored this issue he would of done what a good respectable breeder does and replace puppy or the few grand that was paid for the puppy. Instead he covers up what he does and makes the people he ripped off look like the bad person. I would not refer him to anyone for a puppy or for a stud service because if his pups have issues his studs or studs he uses to make his litters are not good breeding quality. Shame on him for ripping people off and not taking care of the situation and what good is a health contract if he don’t honor it.

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