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Published: 16 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

When me and my sis opened up an esty shop to rehome some spirits, Jamie emailed us right away. Here is a copy of what she sent: Why are you using my copyrighted name, images and pictures? You are breaking the law by using my copyrighted name, pictures and info. Please view the attachment. I attached a copy of my copyright number SKHS-KJNT-XQX0-EOPF. Take my name, my wording, and my pictures down today or I will have my lawyer file a lawsuit. If you want to remove spirits you got from me fine, however you cannot use my name, photos, titles, or listings. Etsy has a lot of laws and rules protecting our work but I have this legally copyrighted and you are under a legal responsibility to remove my work. Okay so my sis accidentally used her original image of the product as a place holder until she took hers. So emailed this lady back and sure we can take it down but I am sure our customers would want to know who the original conjurer is and the original listing of it. Needless to say it escalated from there. We complied to her wishes and still the lady harrasses and even though she agreed to let us use the original listing of the product. She didnt want her name mentioned at all even in tags. She emailed a bunch of other sellers to whom we bought from in the past and was rehoming some of their spirits and told them bad things. Yes, we know because some of them contacted us and told us they didn’t have a problem with us rehoming and didnt know what Jamie’s deal was. Then there are the ones that blocked us with out even hearing our side. I guess Jamie is a saint and doesn’t lie. She blocked my sister and she hadn’t said a word to her. Also, some of the others sellers did too. She bad mouthed us on facebook and lied. Pity to you that believe her. Oh the lies saying our stuff isn’t authentic. Girl we have the listings from your where we bought from you and other sellers. It makes no sense to even claim that when in fact you are claiming you and the others that did the counjoring are not authenic. And she has a forum on us on her website that talks bad about us. All we wanted to do is rehome…. So if you ever try to rehome be forewarned this lady will be as nasty as possible and if she hasn’t than you are lucky. This seller is a nasty piece of work and we haven’t even done anything to her or done all the nasty things to her that she done and still doing to us. We have people messaging us very rude things because of her. Yes, she is sending people talking about some forum that she has saying all these terrible things. All we wanted to do is rehome in peace. Not trying to steal her work or her thunder nor her customers.. I can see her sending people after us once this is posted to whiteknight for her. Whats bad is they only listened to her side and blindly believe anything she says. They don’t know all the harassment we have got from this lady and still getting from her customers on her forum. We did everything she asked of us and still she is harrassing us through her customers. We are frankly tired of this and wish her to go in peace and stop sending people after us. We reported this on Creepy Hollows and would you know it, all it took was her messaging the owner to get our post deleted. Hmmm….. So yea some of the reviews on there are not legit and why you dont see alot bad ones on there because they delete it. Oh and to you customers who supposly got spammed by us… It was one freaking message to let you know about our shop. All you have to do is not answer or a nice thanks. Sorry for upseting you with a nice email. Geezz. Oh and one last thing she is having people report our store to get shut down. I mean really lady, get over yourself and move on. We are rehoming, dont plan on being in business forever. In matter of fact we direct alot of people to the original people who conjour to bring them business. Oh and she keeps telling us she is going to sue us and send her lawyer after us. For what? Rehoming a spirit? It will cost you more in lawyer fees then for cheap items. I could understand if we were stealing your crap and saying that we were conjouring and blah blah and selling fake crap. But No, they are from highly respected sellers. It is like reselling shoes or a tv. We have like 4 items of yours to rehome. I cant wait until they are sold and off our site. I will never shop again at your store and I honestly thought about again before this stuff started. Nope never!

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