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Published: 20 October 2018

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I have had a Line of Credit & Visa account with M&I Bank (now BMO Harris) since 2000. Through many difficult trials, losing my oldest son in 2007, almost losing my wife to brain cancer & a victim of hit & run, not to mention the economic downturn and many other trials, I have maintained all credit rating & payments to my creditors, including BMO-Harris. After 28 years with Wells Fargo, I was tired of their lack of appreciation & decided to move my per banking, business, investment & Trust accounts to BMO Private Banking. I initially met with Donna Gandre at the Scottsdale location, set up a small personal with plans to move the many other accounts at a later date, once it could be properly coordinated. At first I could not get my ATM card for about 6 weeks; BMO claimed the card had been sent to my home address, but the post offhad returned it several times. I checked my online account with USPS and there were never any such parcels in their records. Finally BMO sent my ATM card via Federal Express, but no PIN number rendering it useless. For the next month I chased BMO for the PIN and they claimed it was sent to my home address & returned by USPS “undelivered”. Again, USPS had no record. The local brahc manager called weeks later and stated I could use the last 4 numbers of my social security number, then change it at the ATM. In the interim, I was basically stuck with my old accounts at Wells Fargo unless I could find time (or a BMO location – which is scarce on Phoenix) to make a manual deposit or withdrawal. Shortly after finally receiving my PIN & thinking I was ‘on track’, I made a $1500 deposit on 3/9/15, via cashier’s check from Wells Fargo; the check was cleared immediately at Wells & my account was credited the next morning .. so far, so good .. then I went to withdrawal $500 from the ATM, and did so without issue. A while later I returned to get more funds & was declined, even though I have plenty of funds. I called the 800 and was told “I must have an account for 90 days before I am able to increase the daily withdrawal limit”. I explained I had a line of credit & Visa account for 15 years (with a perfect payment history), the funds belong to me, and the person said that doesn’t matter to her. I spoke to Donna Gandry, who refused to let me take my own money and basically they have this policy “to prevent fraud” .. what BS .. a complete insult to my intelligence and anyone with an IQ above 60. The following day, there were 2 checks that were for payments to insurance companies to cover my life insurance policies (for the benefit of my youngest & only surviving child). I sent an email beforehand to my BMO contacts to make sure those check items cleared; so what happened? I received a call the next afternoon from Ashley Ober, the Managing Director of Private Banking who said he decided not to pay the check items. I explained I was a 15 year customer and recently set up my checking account to move my business away from Wells Fargo. I explained further to Mr. Ober that, it they were returned unpaid, the insurance companies could cancel those policies. Mr. Ober replied that he didn’t care about my relationship & that the decision was made at the local level by him, Donna Gandry & their credit department, based on the length of time & activity of the checking account; after pressing him further, it was basically clear Mr. Ober was the one making the decision, even there was nothing bad in my credit history, history with BMO, or checking account that would warrant this; I assured Mr. Ober & their corporate office that, if the checks caused an over draft I would be there to make a cash deposit after hours. Mr. Over said that he didn’t care. I can in no way transition my 200+ accountS from Wells Fargo & Barclays to this kind of establishment; they truly don’t give a d**n about you, your loyalty, the fact that you are making great efforts to built a relationship. And I am not going to jump through hoops for anyone; I don’t need to prove up myself to anyone, nor should any stand up person. Outrageous behavior .. Mr. Ober, Ms. Gandry, Mr. Downe .. it is a small world in business. These short sighted & poorly though out decisions will certainly have repercussions in world of business & personal banking; .

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