BMW, BMW North America - Crevier BMW

BMW, BMW North America - Crevier BMW

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Published: 06 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I purchased a 2001 z3 a little over 4 months ago and I have, thus far, had 8 Loaner cars, 23 visits to the dealership, and my car has been there for roughly 7 weeks of service. I have requested a different car and the response to that is “Why, the vehicle is in perfect condition”. Hmmm, I don’t think so. Issues in escalating order – the glove box broken, the center consul broken, motor in my door window replaced, a/c been in several times – broken hose, broken compressor, broken pulley, the radio has been fixed 5 times for a popped woofer, speaker problems, the best was loose bolts in the engine causing the radio to jiggle upon moving, as well as 4 visits for electrical issues which is causing areas in the car to short out. BMW deems these issues “small fixable problems” but after so many issues, so many dealership visits, when does it become a problem? It is a problem to me. I purchased this car to drive it, I should get what I paid for. It is one thing to have issues with the car, it is another to be ignored by the dealership and brushed off by the corporate office. But when they are a huge international company and I am only one person – I can see why they don’t care. It is wrong that I have been at the dealership so many times, it is wrong that I get there to pick up my car from service and my file can not be found so they don’t give me any paperwork (4 times this has happened – I figure they are hiding the service visit), it is wrong that I have wasted vacation time sitting at the dealership, it is wrong that I pick my car up from service and it is not washed and the protector paper is still inside, it is wrong that I make an appointment to speak with someone about turning in my car and when I get there the guy is gone for the day, it is wrong that I was given an option to turn in my “perfect” car after 4 months for the bargain price of $7500 which is 30% of the entire price of the car, it is wrong that I have to phone 10 times to get someone to call me back, it is wrong that corporate office has not intervened and alleviated these issues, it is wrong that I’m promised a wind screen for all my trouble and then that is not followed up on, it is wrong that BMW Corporation is denying my request to extend the warranty on an obviously faulty vehicle. How can they have the nerve to tell me it will cost $7500 to return a lemon car for another that is in working order. I’ve had it for 4 MONTHS and has been in service for 7 WEEKS. That is a slap to the face after all I have been through. BMW takes advantage of their customers by selling problem cars and not backing up their product. They don’t care if I return for business or not becuase there will be someone else whom they can take advantage of. It makes me sick that I purchased a vehicle from a company that operates with such low quality. I would hate to see anyone else taken advantage of in this way. Beware of BMW, they have beautiful high performance cars but when something goes wrong, don’t expect any customer service – that is just not part of what they are selling. Lisa Santa Ana, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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