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Published: 03 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

as a (formerly) devout bmw lover, i have always had an appreciation for these seemingly high-quality cars. not anymore. in the summer of 2007, the drivers’ side door handle to my X5 broke off. in December, I took it to the dealership to be repaired and, since then, have been in a battle with BMW over whose responsibility it is to incur the damages. the leased car was still under warranty and I was even told by an on-site mechanic that it would be covered under warranty. first, i was told that the reason they were not going to take responsibility for the defect was because the door handle was frozen and had broken off. first of all, this had happened in the summer. secondly, even if it was frozen, shouldn’t any car manufacturer employ standards on their vehicles that they sell, not only in Toronto, but in colder climates like Montreal to handle issues such as freezing? after that was refuted, the next reason was because the handle had been subject to vandalism, yet, neither the car door nor the handle had any visible scratches or indication whatsoever of vandalism. i took the handle (which remained in my posession), to a third-party engineer, who wrote up a letter to explain his findings ([sic]”poor design and cheap and shoddy material selection, which, together caused fatigue stress that culminated in fracture failure”, and [sic]”defiance of basic logic and engineering principles in the design of the door handle”), and sent it to BMW. BMW is refusing to co-operate and, after going as high up in the company as I could, I was shifted to customer service that claims that they are able, through careful consideration of a two-dimensional photograph by their warranty department, to determine the cause of the defect as being that the handle was forced. Their responses are always by telephone and despite my emails, they have never written back to me. I have already paid for the service and was hoping that BMW would employ basic public relations techniques and enhance their customer service reputation by recognizing the issue and taking responsibility. this issue is ongoing… Trixia toronto, OntarioCanada

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