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Published: 16 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I wanted to buy another car and the one I own needed a service. I was searching for the right firm to buy a car when I came across the name BMW Northwest. According to them, they not only provide you cars at a reasonable price but also have repair and service department. I was happy about it as I could have gotten two jobs done from the same firm and I would not have to go through a research process for a car service company. I had been saving money for a long time to buy myself a BMW so I needed a reliable source to help me in buying it. BMW Northwest says that they will rightly serve their customers and I was glad that I am planning on choosing them. I called the customer support and I was asked to visit the place the next day. I did as asked but after reaching the place, I was very disappointed. Being in the automobile market does not allow you to keep your office messy or unhygienic. The place was utterly unclean like I could smell diesel in the office where a representative just meets the client and books the car. The executive had no sense of dealing with a customer. I had to wait for a long time because she was busy on a phone call with her boyfriend. Finally, I was lucky enough to get a few minutes from her busy schedule but I regret all of it now. Their website says ‘reasonable price’ but the cost that I was asked to pay was higher than the original. Obviously, I would not have minded that because they have to earn some profit too. But their profit margin is extremely high. They asked me to pay $10,000 other than all expenses as a bonus of their service or whatsoever. Like, they should get a life and reorganize their policies. I am already buying an expensive car and then you are asking me to pay $10,000 other than taxes and everything. BMW Northwest has gone fucking insane. I dropped the idea of buying a car from them but I was still wondering if they could help me with service of my car and when I was told the cost of that department, I could not control and I argued with them for some 25 minutes and the only thing they could say as a defense was ‘Ma’am you will not regret paying us. You will get the best service.’ I get the point that you might be extremely good with your service but that does not mean you will charge exceptionally high. Trust me the place is owned by some retard and he or she has hired people just like him. They do not know anything about customer dealing or satisfaction, they have high prices and I do not think their services are even worth it because I had a visit to their service area too. DO NOT GO TO BMW NORTHWEST.

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