BMW of South Austin

Delayed delivery and a rip off of $2000

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Published: 17 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

If I could get a chance to rename the word disaster, I will definitely name it BMW of South Austin. I know they have earned a lot of good reviews but earning seems ironic for them. They might have gotten some paid reviews just to get more customers. It is easy to deal with cars and for people like me as your customer; you need to be far better than you could be. I love cars and BMW has been my evergreen dream. I did everything to save money and get the latest model. The vehicle I own required service and I wanted to purchase another one. When I came across the name BMW of South Austin and it struck me like the company I was looking for to purchase a vehicle. They provide you not only with vehicles at a decent cost but also with repair and service. I was glad to have one firm to do both jobs for me and I would not need to go through the tiring process of finding another firm for servicing the car. For a long time, I saved cash to purchase a BMW so I required a trusted source to assist me to purchase it. BMW Northwest claims they will serve their clients rightly and I was happy to choose them at first. But misery does not come to you announcing itself neither did the problems from BMW of South Austin did. Actually, I wanted to gift the car to my mum on her 50th and not to mention, they ruined everything I had planned for her birthday celebration. Their customer service cannot be regarded as exceptional but it was fine. They made me wait long enough to be fucking annoyed for an hour but the executive showed a better gesture which you can say compensated the restless waiting. He discussed everything quite clearly but she forgot to mention the time of delivery. I poked her for that thrice and then she was able to decide. I stated clearly that I need it to be delivered in July and it would be great if it were the 25th. He assured me the delivery will be made on July 25th in the morning. I was dumb enough to trust him. Well, the car was used and booked 4 months before the delivery day so I was expecting it to be on time but it was not. At first, I was getting regular emails and calls from the place regarding the situation and I was really excited about it but with time, four emails a day became no emails at all. I was calling them a week earlier just to make sure I’ll get the car on time. The car was delivered after 2 days and my entire surprise planned for months was ruined. As far as my car’s service is concerned, it was pathetic too. Not on time, tortured me for a week just to change the oil, and then they charged me $2000.

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