BMW of Spokane

Stole nearly a $100,000 from me!

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Published: 16 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Never ever think of going to BMW of Spokane. They have nothing to do with your car or anything. They will twist your mind with the best words so that you choose them and the results of this will be extremely regrettable. I have been through this and believe me they will be the worst possible decision you can ever make. Those bastards took a hundred thousand from me and I do not have the car delivered at my doorstep. The delivery date was for Tuesday but that was two weeks ago. I have been calling them continuously but there has been no response. I had a promotion a few months ago which helped me in buying my dream car. I had been saving for a long time and this made me so happy that I could finally fulfill my dream. BMW of Spokane is a car dealer situated in Spokane, Washington. First, I thought of buying a used car but then I consulted these bastards and they puzzled my mind. I suddenly decided to spend everything I had to buy a brand new car for myself. They know exactly how to deal with a customer and persuade them to buy something really expensive than what they actually need. The same happened in my case. I contacted the customer support and the representative immediately booked an appointment the very next day. I reached the place on the given time but the executive whom I had to meet was not there. I did not think about it at the moment and believed the reason they gave me. I waited for a good two hours and then the executive arrived and met me. He discussed everything with me but he was not clear. I guessed that he has been recently appointed. When the time for discussing the cost came, he was nervous and told me to pay around $50,000 for a used BMW. The car I was being offered was four years older. I asked to check the car first but they disagreed and said that the used cars are at some different place for security reasons. I denied the offer and was about to leave when the executive started to make some rounds so that I buy a brand new car. He was so good with the use of words that I agreed on buying a new one rather than the used car which I had planned. The cost was exceptionally high but I had some savings and everything which I could use. When the time for signing the contract came, I was pressurized to not give it a read. I still forcefully went through it and the cost mentioned there was different. They had charged an extra $8500 and there was no good reason for it. There were two executives; one from the finance department and the other one were from human resources I guess. Both had a different reason for the charges but they managed me and I agreed after a negotiation. The car was supposed to be in my garage two weeks ago but it is not. Unfortunately, I have paid them 70% of the payment too.

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