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Published: 13 March 2021

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I have three BMW and I think they are great vehicles, you must do your home work and service them properly I have a BMW X5 a BMW Z3 and a four door BMW 330i All of which are used vehicles it took a lot of work to find these great vehicles in the awesome shape that they are. I could have bought new vehicles but choose to do my research and find the best years and models for my money, to include the absolute best shape. Now here lies the problem I only allow BMW of Tulsa to service these vehicles and we have come to notice an xterm ethical issue with this, the BMW of Tulsa service department seems to have a few bad apples. First my BMW Z3 always kept in storage and never driven in snow or ice was taken for service…I had to leave for two days….I got it back with the original front hood BMW emblem remove and replaced with a damaged emblem…. I told Brandon of the BMW service department that knew every inch of my vehicles and the know affixed emblem is not the one that was on it when I brought the vehicle in, to include the now affixed emblem was not even properly affixed (not completely molded in place) .. Okay you maybe you will say maybe he over looked the damaged and it was already there I will give you that one ,, Now for my wife’s BMW 330i extensive search for this vehicle no flows taken to BMW of Tulsa and checked for any issues prior to buying it, it’s First service call at the BMW service department yielded missing brake ducts… Now for the one that you just can’t believe no matter how hard you try this one just takes the cake for shade tree like service from dealership and a service department derailing themselves and damaging a classy name like BMW The X5 4.4 shipped from Greece extensive walk around and service by BMW Okla City, reviewed my bank and insurance company and I documented only minor dings on the drivers side door and a alternator failure… Taken to BMW of Tulsa for service returned with dings on both the passenger and driver side doors top passenger side rail scuffed, above all the damage to the rear drivers side tail light area with the rear tail light assembly replaced with a older tail light system ( that’s right the complete tail light system) taken…. Now with me working over seas and my wife bringing these vehicles in for service and the vehicles all having great looking hard to find parts on them someone in the BMW service department may have viewed her as an easy mark….. Be wise photograph your vehicle top and bottom, document all your parts and diagnostics prior to taking it in for service….

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