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Scammed me for over $7000

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Published: 18 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The only reason why I had not to write any review about them is that I thought BMW of Wichita Falls get in touch in me but even after 2 months they have not shown up and this has forced me to write it. I hate complaining. But this time, it’s inevitable. They claim to take clients seriously and also claim that they provide the best services but since my visit, I have not seen anything like that. Also, their so-called BMW trained technician damaged my car and they don’t even show any apologetic behavior to me, moreover, they put all the charges on me for what their employee did.
Their worker damaged my aluminum head and I had to pay $7456.39 in terms of their labor fee and parts. Still, after paying so much money on it my vehicle is in their garage because they failed to solve it. The whole misery started when I decided to take my vehicle to BMW of Wichita Falls because I needed to replace a broken manifold stud. I have diagnosed the vehicle myself and there was no other problem with it but still thought to get some expert advice, and they confirmed my diagnosis. After running some test they asked me to change DPF and the active DEF tank. I did know that this was going to be a costly bill for me but as this was the first time I was spending such amount I agreed to it and ask them to go on with their procedure.
It took them around 1 month to get the job done for me and on the first day when my wife drove, it was until 5 min later the engine light comes on. This shows the professionalism of BMW of Wichita Falls and how they are keen to solve their customer’s problems. It’s about the second time I am going to send my car again to BMW of Wichita Falls to solve this issue even after spending thousands of dollars. They sent my car back but it still has problems with it and thus after so many repairing and spending thousands of dollars they have not repaired my car and this is the only reason why I am giving them only 1 star, to be very honest they don’t even deserve 1 star because of their services and the way they treat their customers. There were clear signs that they had damaged my car and they took no responsibility for it and also put all the blame on me. When I complained about the condition of my car, they told me that I was lying and called me a scam.
I do not wish to visit this facility again in my life nor am I going to recommend it to anyone. This is just a waste of time and money and you will only end up regretting yourself so stay away from such filths.

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