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Unprofessional mechanic and staff

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Published: 16 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I ran into an accident three days ago and unfortunately I own a BMW. Maintaining it is a struggle itself and surviving through an accident is even harder. I had to get a few parts for my car and so I needed a reliable source. Finding someone reliable in today’s era is quite the job to be done. It is becoming nearly impossible to find a good source because of all the scams around the corner. Every car comes with a lot of expense and people like me who run into accidents have a lot to save just for the sake of their car. I love my car and after the accident, I obviously needed it to be repaired and be scratch less. My luck was not helping me out at all and I chose BMW Seattle to help me with the car repair. They are situated in Seattle, Washington and have a lot of compelling stuff on their website to attract customers every day. Trust me they are just blabbers who have nothing to do with customer care, genuine parts, etc. All they want is money. Those fucking bastards have made the case even worse than I had expected. I was near my home when I had an accident and it was completely my mistake. I rushed home and called the insurance company. This is when I thought that things could not have been worse. My insurance had expired too. I immediately started searching for a place that could repair my car and then I stepped into another trouble named BMW Seattle. I called their customer support and what I had to go through is unexplainable. I had to call their customer support at least 10 times to make sure they talk to me. Upon answering, the representative sounded like he was drunk or something. It took him half an hour or so to understand my problem and guide me through it. Finally, I got a better response from another representative and she told me that a mechanic is on his way. After this, I waited for two hours for the mechanic to show up. I did not ask the mechanic why he was so late but I did call the customer support. Unexpectedly, I was proven wrong and the mechanic was labeled as innocent and that he might have gotten stuck somewhere. I can wait for him with patience. The mechanic was literally unaware of the whole situation I had discussed with customer support. He had no equipment to use. Instead, he asked me if I could get him any. Like what the hell was wrong with the people at BMW Seattle. Is it my responsibility to give them the tools and everything? Those bastards did nothing to my car and because of the unprofessionalism of the mechanic, my car has to face several other issues too. I paid them a lot and still, I have to pay some other firm even more.

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