Boatarama Ft Lauderdale Florida, Joe Alam, W. Bost

Boatarama Ft Lauderdale Florida, Joe Alam, W. Bost

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Published: 10 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Sold us two boats and trailer through E’Bay for $1513.00 USD. We Bank Wired the funds as they requested [never again]. Boatarama could not find ownership papers when we went to pick up the boats on Oct-08. Joe Alam, from Boatarama, said the owners were on vaction and they could not reach them. As we are from Canada Joe said we would be fine and we could take the boats and he would mail the ownerships to us when the owners returned. As we were leaving for Mexico the next day we trusted him [BIG MISTAKE] We tried to take them to our storage facility in West Palm only to be told that would not store the boats withouth ownership papers. I called Boatarama and Joe Alam said to bring the boats back to their warehouse which we did. They said they were sorry for the screw up and we could store them in their warehouse in Fort Lauderdale at $75.00 PER month until May-09. I thought it was fair and we agreed. And we left for Mexico. Over the next few weeks I sent many E’mails and phoned from Mexico asking about the ownership papers but heard nothing about the papers. .Received e-mails requesting more money and more BS and they did ask for a mailing address, again, to send the ownershippapers to. I had given the the address twice, stalling again. Because I had a time limit to make a claim with E’Bay I had no choice but to give them a NEGETIVE report. Within 12 hours of the Neg to E’bay I received an E’mail’s from Boatarama [Joe Alam] with threats and stating all kinds of BS and then the cruncher: The rate was going from $75.00 per month to $75.00 PER DAY! I E’mailed Boatarama that I was willing to fly back from Mexico and pay him what we owed and pick up our boats but only if he assured me he had the ownership papers in hand that I am required to have by law to move the boats. The only reply I recieved days later was Joe stating that he would call the police if I came on their property and to rub in the fact that EACH DAY he was charging another $75.00 and it was now a civil matter, nice move on his part. I have a bill of sale from Ebay indicating “paid”. I have proof of the wire transfer from the bank, I have an E’mail from the owner”s wife stating “paid in full” and also another Receipt from Boatarama given to me by Joe Alam when we were there to pick up the boats stating “Paid in full”. and also a eEmail from Joe Alam stating $75.00 per month rental.. I have a perfect score with E’Bay on many transactions. He does not. I have learned that E’Bay does not care, or there are too many frauds to handle. I am pondering the courts but being in Canada cost and distance are a problem. I am sure Boatarama has figured that out also. But my Irish -Scottish blood is boiling and as my old mother used to say there is more than one way to skin a cat Boatarama .. We are honest people and I cannot understand a company that once had a good name in the boat business has come to this?? Has the recession brought them to this?? Just give us our boats or, I prefer, our money back as I have no trust in this Joe Alam. Norm mississauga, OntarioCanada

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