Bob Beckel Fox News

Bob Beckel Fox News

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Published: 18 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Bob Beckel of Fox News is a disgrace to American Veterans and American citizens rights to freedoms. I have continually caught his outspoken opinions on FOX NEWS that counter the opinions of American’s that are speaking out against the current political activities that are destroying America. He is PRO big Government and Government Control, its evidenced by most every video clip that is available from former FOX NEWS broadcasts. As a Disabled Vteran that is currently living his last day’s due to service connected health issues, at the age of 68, I believe that I am worthy to speak out against those that oppose the Freedoms of America. Perhaps Bob Beckle could put his fat belly in a war zone protecting America and he may understand that my brothers and sisters that are dying in America and or have already given their lives for Bob Beckels freedoms are being dishonored by his beleifs. Bob Beckle has the money, maybe another country would welcome his spewing mouth. I for one would set an open forum at our Omaha, Ne. VAMC and inite Bob Beckle and FOX NEWS to come broadcast a live unedited news show. I promis FOX NEWS and Bob Beckle would be attack verbally by those that have given their lives for the American people, not for government to overtake our freeedoms and enslave our children and families. Maybe Isreal is a great place to send Bob Beckel. An American Citizen and Disabled Veteran on behalf of Veterans and the freedoms of American Citizens. Published by: VictimsDefense July 1, 2014

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