Bob Benoit of Topeka KS

Bob Benoit of Topeka KS

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Published: 24 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Bob Beniot owns the Muscle Car of Year as well as voted Chevelle of Year here in KC. I met him at Good Guys car show. He has a 1970 SS Chevelle trailer queen, points car. I also own a twinkie to his car…..70 SS Chevelle Fantom Blue, 396. Only mine a daily driver and in good to excellant shape. I retained Mr. Benoit to work on my car and clean up some oversights and bring car up to better quality. Dash, Dash Pad, redo Bucket Seats, check out AC, if not working fix and make work, re-align front end clip and a long “punch list” of other minor things to make my car “my own”. I was told by Beniot the project would take 2 months at most……a month probably. 5 months later, after excuse after excuse, being told parts can’t be ordered, wrong parts came in, 3 months spent redoing 2 bucket seats…..(can be done in one day by professional upholstery), AC “parts not made anymore” and yet I found them in two days searching internet. Beniot takes days to return calls……I finally had to kidnap my own car to get it back. Benoit took my car to a tire shop to fix the AC. ????? Benoit represents himself as “expert” and one who will be working on your car. He is only a body guy at best and did not build his own show car. He sub contracted all work out to others. I have no idea “who” they were and invoice shows nothing. Car came back without AC working……was told “part can’t be found”. I found it in two days on internet…….NOS. Also was told car was done, made 140 round trip to get her up and NO AC and oil pressure guage line was busted and dumped over qt of oil into carpet. Was told “What did YOU do to car, as AC was working”. Left car and was told in one week all issues resolved. Came back and no AC and left with car. Took car to Good Guys car show and upon driving home, front passenger wheel lug nuts were not torqued, so almost lost wheel at 60 mph. This work was done at Big O tire store “friend” of Beniot……..called them and was told by Terry of Big O. “Gee you must have pissed off someone at Good Guys car show and they untightened your lug nuts”. Also was told by Beniot, I was “giving us crap over what some other guys did to restore your car”. If you know anything about used old classics, you know they come with issues unless you hand build them yourself from day one. Big O paid up on damge to wheel. Dont’ go there due to a tech named Terry. Smart mouthed and arrogant and rude. DO NOT USE BOB BENOIT FOR SHOW CAR WORK. Don’t follow thru, lies by omission and tells you one thing then does as he wants.

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