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Published: 22 September 2018

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I first had set up to buy 2 Ted Williams balls and a 3 autographed ball with Aaron, Dimaggio, and Banks. I had a car breakdown and told him I needed to hold off but he whined that he had his last payment due on his kids braces so I relented and went ahead and purchased those balls and some ball cards. I usually stick with ball cards because it is so tuff to know if the auto’s are real or not but he assured me that his memoribilia wasnt the standard junk floating around, that he didnt “want any broke tire kickers”. He contacted me again on 10/28 saying he had a guy looking for 1971-1974 topps cards and he was willing to trade. I spent the day pulling all those years and getting them organized and put into plastic sheets. In true Bob fashion he over sold the value of the stuff he had and had no idea that their was any value in the cards that he had requested from me. In the end he and i agreed to trade 2 nearly complete sets of 1972, a partial 1971, partial 1973, and partial 1974 for 3 Mickey Mantle Balls and a handful of game used and auto’s of no name guys from the last 5 years. He assured me the balls were real and I told him i would be taking them in for authentication. He said he would stand behind them as I told him that if his guy didnt want the 70’s cards i would trade back, no questions asked. Once Bob left and I was looking at the 3 Mantle balls, i noticed that these 3 balls, signed and aquired from different people at different times, were all signed on the same identical ball. i then went to compare to the other balls in my collection and found that the 2 Ted Williams and the 3 sig ball also were all signed on the same ball. I mentioned this in a text message to Bob and he immediately flew off the handle that he didnt appreciate my insinuation. It was a clear overreaction. This morning I made an appt with JSA sport authticators and let Bob know I had an appt and if he could hold my cards pending that inspection. At that point he told me he had already sold my cards and that he was angry that I had brought it up and then proceeded into a profanity laced tyrade suggesting I do unmentionables to myself. i am going to my appointment and if they came back as forgeries as now I have little doubt they will, i am going to push to have him prosecuted. If others with simular stories would contact me, i would greatly appreciate it so we can show a history of theft and fraud, and have his peice of work put where he belongs.

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