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Published: 09 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I purchased a new 2018 VW CC, from Bob King VW. The salesman was honest and professional. Within a few weeks the vehicle developed a severe rattle in the dash. I scheduled a visit to the service center and they were friendly and attentive to my needs. Unfortunately, the repair ended up taking 7 days but I was given a loaner car. I finally got a call back from the service department letting me know my vehicle was ready and this is where the nightmare began. I picked up my vehicle and the same problem was present but much worse. I returned to the dealer with the car. The service manager Darrell Winstead brought up the service tech to look at the vehicle. The service tech was noticeably angry and was arguing with the service manager claiming the car was fixed. I asked if there was an issue and the service tech began shouting at me that rattles and issues were common in a brand new VW. The service manager explained that the vehicle was indeed in need of repair. At this point a very upset service tech slammed the keys of my car onto the hood and insisted that he would not work on the vehicle. After a few choice words between the service manager and the service tech the service tech walked back into the shop. Clearly embarrassed and stunned by his actions the service manager apologized repeatedly for what had taken place. I immediately asked to speak with GM of the dealer. Ten minutes later I met with Phil Hardee the GM. The conversation was not pleasant. He quickly began to defend the service tech stating he must have not had his breakfast this morning. He showed little or no concern for what had taken place but did assure me that the vehicle would be fixed and that the car would be examined for damage if any that was sustained from the key throwing incident. Dumbfounded and appalled I asked to speak with Phil Hardees boss. He said that the king as in Bob King (the owner) was not available and had no contact information. Phil then made a half hearted apology and said that was all he could do. His arrogance and lack of compassion for what had taken place was absolutely appalling. Soon after the conversation I placed a called to VW of North America whom were both stunned and disgusted by the story. The following day, Bob King contacted me. Bob King was beyond rude and when I told him I had contacted the BBB and VW corporate his response was its a free country and you can do what ever the hell you want. Not exactly what I had in mind when I thought he was calling to the resolve the issue. Anticipating his call, I was able to record the conversation for future use. I will never purchase a vehicle from the Bob King family of dealers again. I have already been in contact with the BBB and will be filing a complaint. Also, we will be posting reviews of Bob King VW on all online review forums such as this. I will also be posting a link to the audio portion of the phone call I received from Bob King and the audio of the conversation I had with Phil Hardee at the dealer the morning this took place. I was then contacted by VW of North America who has now informed me that Bob King VW will no longer work on me vehicle and that in order to get service I will have travel over 50 miles to the next closest dealer in Jacksonville, NC. The rep from VWNA was very blunt and rude over the matter. I deeply regret purchasing my new VW. While I like the vehicle, I cannot believe the treatment I received by both the dealer and the VWNA “customer care” rep. I can only hope that things get better with my vehicle. The car has already been in the shop for over 10 days in the first 2 month ownership and the nature of repair is tied to the SRS system which is considered a “safety” concern in regards to the North Carolina Lemon Law. A am considering contacting the local news who present a weekly “consumer scam” segment in there broadcast to see if they have interest in covering this story as it is right up there alley. If all of the above fail to garnish the attention needed to remedy this complaint I will consider hiring a consumer rights attorney to escalate the matter.

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