Bob Lembke Truck Service

Bob Lembke Truck Service

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Published: 30 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

This has to be one of the areas worst shop I have ever encountered. I have been in the automotive industry my whole life, by far this is one of the more upside down shops I have ever worked for. Bob dose the hiring with all employees and he is one heck of a slick con artist at doing so. He will fill you with promise after promise, advancement in the company, training, and in general comes off as a sweat and honest man. If you have ever seen the movie “Used Cars”, you will understand how Bob kind of works. Look under Craigs List, North West Suburbs of Chicago. You will always find wanted ads for mechanics positions. His turn over rate is that high.The other mechanics with in the shop, most of them are fine. His head mechanic is a genius and a true technician of vehicles but Bob will never pay him for what he is worth. However Bob has something wrong with him, inside his head. At one moment he will be happy and up beat, a few minutes later, he comes out with a totally different character. One of the projects I had worked on, he had bought a used piece from a junk yard. The junk yard had given him the wrong part. Bob added a $100 “aggravation fee” to the owner of the truck I was working on. Then to top that off, he told the owner of the truck a couple of parts were new, when in fact they were not. When it came time for paying me, one whole month it took him to pay me. And it was not even the correct amount. He never was on time with his paper work, he would “adjust” written mechanics stories of mine, and would go as far to complain to me if I “new” part was given to me that was broken, it was MY fault. And the rotation of Saturdays, three or four Saturdays are NOT a rotation. Don’t expect pay and a half on Saturday also. What also blew me away, how he talked about the customers or other employees behind their back. Out of all the managers I have had, I have NEVER heard them go so low as Bob did. This man should not be running a company. He lacks the professionalism that a dignified and honest business owner should really have. A few words of advice, take your car or truck to someone else. Someone that will not scrimp on quality parts or schmooze you over like your his best friend.

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