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Bob Watson MotorSports

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Published: 25 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

When I was going to the interenet to find who was the regional manager for these dealerships, I was surpriaed to find another complaint registered for the same company. I clicked the sight to read the complaint and found that the person filing the complaint was mistaken about one thing; their experience was not personal or because she is a woman. Apparently, this is a technique Bob Watson uses at both dealerships. One salesperson gets in a heated arguement with you and another tried to console you to make it all better, selling you a car anyway. Apparrently its a scheme devised to sell cars on emotion as opposed to quality and reputation. Due to the size of the dealership it must work, but it is at a cost; dignity of persons who didn’t by. 01-10-05 I went to the Midlothian dealership and the same thing happened. I was on the way to pick up an Escalade on the Northside of Chicago, the salesman contacted me from an internet search and asked me to look at what he had. I told him I had already made a deal but if it didn’t work out I’d see what he had. He said he was closer and whatever my deal was he would beat it it I came by. Of course, he’s not there when I get there and his “partner” (Raul) helps me. Pursuant to the monthly payment I secured, the deal I required they met was 500 a month less. The “Partner” goes to check with the finance man (I notice “Val”, the person I am there to see,is not on the list of salespersons on the wall) Enters the Idiot. Just as in the previous story, he begins to insult me, you can’t do math, your credit is bad, you can’t afford this car. Clearly by looking at my earnings and expenses it was clear I could sustain the note, I guess this was dare to get me to spend what I could instead of what I wanted to. Because I had a deal somewhere else I had no reason to waist time, I told him “if you can’t do this, I respect that, just let me know so I can leave”. When he began to talk crazy I began leaving. This is where it got bad. As I was walking out he is following me, close enough for his body to touch my arm insulting me. manager said nothing and remained indifferent until I asked for a Manager. I was given a card of a sales Manager who didn’t identify himself as a superior and was only met with inquiry when when I asked for a manger on duty. basically they clearly were underskilled as true managers or didn’t care. After reading the previous complaint, it is now clear what the issue was, I was all orchestrated. The problem was the situation almost became violent. Scine that is what they teach their employees, Bob Watson should tell his employees to not approach the buyers personal space. Sadly enough the Manager tries to sell me a car while I’m asking why he and the other managers there are indifferent to the issue. The he offers to wash whatever car I buy somewhere else. Right, I’m going to drive an hour from Indiana to get a car wash. On top of all this, a phone call from a woman later that night, interupting me from a deal at my original dealership, from Bob Watson named Ria. I assumed this was a supior looking for clarification and resolution for reputation of the dealership. Alas, no last name and no title when I requested such. And if you think I was called by the manager for resolution as promised, think again. Car sales people, remember that you all are still people. Integrity is important. Bob Watson, it appears that you are a wealth man or family, now legacy is an issue. Are these the prinicipals you want to be known by or are these nuts turning good numbers and soiling your name? Darnell gary, IndianaU.S.A.

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