Bobby Berk Home

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Do not buy anything from Bobby Berk Home – they are scammers and will just disappear

We had just moved into a new house in a new neighborhood back in March 2011. So this obviously meant that we didn’t know the best dealers to go to when we were doing a spot of buying in the last minute. The house we moved into was a lot bigger than our first one, so we thought we’d put in some extra cash and see if we could get good deals on a couch and a couple of tables. The tables, we got easily enough at a local store. Unfortunately, we didn’t really like any of the couches they had on sale
So that’s when we thought about getting a couch custom made to suit the wall décor and go with the rest of our furnishing. So we asked our new neighbors where we could get this done. One of them told us a friend of theirs had gotten a good deal with Bobby Berk Home, and that they weren’t based too far away from where we’d lived.
So we decided to go and have a look. It was a half hour drive away, and we finally found the place. There didn’t seem to be any customers when we went there, but we figured it was because it was in the middle of the work day or something. Big mistake. They don’t have customers because their services are horrible. They do absolutely nothing besides getting you to pay and keeping your money. Go check them out on and you’ll see how they talk about a whole bunch of thing they’ve got to offer. Do not be fooled.
The guy who was helping us with what we needed from the store was called Jack something. He was extremely helpful and we had no idea he was just setting us up the whole time. So we picked out a nice beige design that looked super classy. And we give them the measurements and everything. They took it all down religiously. Assholes. As though they were going to use any of it! They told us they would deliver the couch in about 4 weeks maximum.
We waited all of March and half of April before we called them up to see what the hell was going on. The person who picked up said the couch should arrive very soon, and asked us to just wait a week. So we did that. We’d paid $3,555 for the couch already, so we weren’t going to let it go. No one came. We have been emailing them and calling them on a daily basis, but no one’s bothered to respond. This is how these sons of bitches treat their customers. We’re not the only ones to have gotten screwed over by these dicks either. They will take your money, promise that your furniture will be home real quick and then just ignore you. Bobby Berk Home is a scam.

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