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Published: 03 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

WARNING! If you own a Corvette – this story is brutal! It began with some person breaking out my driver’s side window on Monday, May 22, 2006 at 5 AM. I had Bob’s put a new glass in the door. But it fit so poorly that there was a large gap all the way around it. Think Lousiana flood here. Tuesday, May 23rd I called Bob’s and was told to bring it in at a quarter till eight the next morning. I arrived on time and waited until finally I got to explain myself. I walked around and showed them that the glass was nowhere near the molding anywhere around the window, with a full quarter inch gap showing. A terrible job by them and complete lack of concern now! It was at this moment that I knew I would never use Bob’s again. But since I was already in the process there I let them finish this time. . . . I wish I hadn’t ! About a half hour later the Installation man came to me and told me he couldn’t make the window fit my car because it, “wasn’t cut right.” In other words, they got the wrong glass for my car. He said they needed to order Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass from LOF and it would take from 5 to 7 days to get it. The guy from up front walked by and grumped out, “Does he know it is gonna take 7 days to get the glass?” I left with the ill-fit window installed and had to drive the car for a week with the window open all the time – fearing that suction would pull it away from the car and break it. It made a terrible grinding sound every time I opened it or closed it. I later discovered it had made three neat, deep incissions about 3 inches long in the window. I called Bob’s on Wednesday, May 30, 2006 and spoke with the woman in sales. I reminded her about my yellow Vette and she said that if it had been a week now that the glass would be there. I drove in to Bob’s to get the correct glass installed. Naturally, it wasn’t there. I asked the woman at the counter (who was co-owner of Bob’s) to come look at my ill-fit window. She did so. I was very impressed. Anyhow, she immediately noticed the window wasn’t tinted like the other was. Honestly, I never even noticed that mistake as I was too busy with the water getting in, and besides, I was driving with it open all the time. She said she would order the correct glass immediately and would have it expressed in as soon as possible. I wonder . . . if it had already been ordered from a week before, why should she have to do that? She called me the next day, June 2, 2006 and I went in at 3:15 PM. The glass was there, but now they discovered a broken guide. A small plastic guide inside the door. After attempting to get one of her mobile units to pick it up she finally had to ask me to come back yet another day. Why hadn’t anyone noticed the week before? Saturday, June 3, 2006 at 9 AM I arrived at Bob’s. They did not have the part there yet and said that the parts department had closed the day before prior to the arrival of the mobile unit from Bob’s to pick it up. Another delay . . . I went back at about noon and waited until 12:40 when the “Technician” brought my car up front. He stated that it was, “…as good as he could get it.” I left. The window was in, more or less. It was tinted and after 12 days, I had had enough already. After tweaking it myself at home for 5 1/2 hours it now works about 90% right. I got four cuts on my hands from . . . the jagged edges on the sheet metal where Bob’s Butchers had taken tin snips to the inside of my Corvette door, cutting away at it – presumably to get access to a bolt or something. Trust me – I shall NEVER EVER go there again. Garyg Boynton Beach, FloridaU.S.A.

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