Boca Fertilty Dr. Peress Moshe

Boca Fertilty Dr. Peress Moshe

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Published: 30 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Dr. Peress only cares about money and ripping off his clients. He tried to force us to do IVF when I kept telling him that I wanted to do IUI since my husband and I did not have any diagnosed problems. My first IUI try, he missed my ovulation day, even though they were checking every other day. On my second IUI try he decided to tripled the hormones dosage, which caused me to have 15 follicles and I was told that we had to cancel the IUI or proceed with IVF. I chose not to proceed with IVF and cancel the IUI. I lost about $3,500.00, because all the medication I purchased had to be thrown away, and I felt he did this just because he wanted to force me to the IVF, which cost about $18,000.00. This also caused me to put the treatment on hold for 2 months, because that was a risk I was left cysts in my uterus due to the hyper-ovulation. Finally on my third IUI try, I was able to get pregnant and I am very happy about that. However, Dr. Peress said he wasn’t going to charge me for my next ultrasound, due to the unnecessary expenses we had and yes he did not charge me, but he submitted to my Insurance, which paid in full. Which means that every time I was there and paid out of pocket for every single ultrasound and blood work, it could have been submitted to my insurance. He also don’t seem to have knowlege about several things. I DO NOT RECOMMEND DR. PERESS TO ANYONE. PLEASE RESEARCH BEFORE CHOOSING A FERTILITY DOCTOR. I WISH I HAD DO MY RESEARCH.

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