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Boca Tech Brake & Tire Auto Center

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Published: 04 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Id like to say that I have show car that i have spend thousands of dollars in making it faster, and show quality. Like many of us we love our cars and trust that they don’t give us any problems. One day I was driving my car and the car decided to shut off on me. It wouldn’t move. So I had to take tow my car to the dealer. The dealer couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it so I paid another towing company to tow my car which ran me over $100.00. My car was at Boca Tech for a little over 1 month. The Tech “MIKE” told me any car is fixable and he would have my car running again. For one month I called every other day to get an update on my car and mike would use every technical word in the book to describe what he was doing to my car. I figure well he sounds like he knows what he’s doing so I trusted his judgment. He called me and told me I needed to buy a computer for my car so I bought it. It ran me over $800.00. He installed the “new” computer then tells me a few days later that the new computer doesn’t work ( he toasted the new one by shorting it out), and i need to buy a new one and also a pedal that costs $200.00. So I drive 45 mins to the dealership and buy the pedal and I gave it to him. He then tells me that he “CAN NOT” fix my car and the shop is losing lots of money if my car is in the shop. HERE IS THE BEST PART after spending over $100.00 for towing, $200 for a pedal, $1,600.00 for computers they demanded $370.00 in charges for working on the car. At this point my car is NOT DRIVABLE. They did not fix my car and they charged me. If I didn’t pay them they wouldn’t have given me the keys to my car. I called a towing company and they towed my car FROM BOCA TECH to another dealership which I had to pay another $100+. It’s like going to the hospital to have surgery to have some cancer removed from your body… the doctor cuts you, opens you up looks around, and closes you up. The cancer is still there and you get a bill for that surgery…. would you pay??????? G Pbg, FloridaU.S.A.

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