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Published: 15 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

2014, I was browsing the internet looking for a swim suit and found one that I liked. The price was a bit steep but as a woman trying to find the right suit money was not going to stop me from finding the right swim suit. Before I placed the order with, I checked over their return policy. It kinda gave you a warm fuzzy feeling that no matter what they wanted a happy customer. Nowhere on their policy page did it state clearly that approved returns were only accepted for exchange no refunds. I placed the order, swim suit was to ship within 24 hours! Well 2.5 weeks later I had to email them to see what was going on and where my swim suit was. I was told that it “should” ship by the following week. I started to get a weird feeling so being I paid via paypal, I filed a dispute with paypal just to protect myself. Amazingly, the suit was in my hands by the end of the week! I tried the suit on the same day and only half of it fit properly. I emailed “Jennifer” with customer service ASAP to return the suit. No response, so I went back and forth via paypal messaging and was told that there were no returns only exchanges. I pawed thru the bag the suit came in and folded up very small stuck to the bottom of the package was a pink packing slip. Printed very clearly on the packing slip it says ” no returns, exchange only” any unauthorized returns will be refused. I was now mad, why didn’t the website say that just as clearly? I tried getting an approved return from Jennifer but would have to wait days before a response from her. I went back to paypal because whoever was answering questions from was very prompt. We went back and forth a few times and was basically sent a copy of their policy from the website. I called paypal to ask them what to do and they turned it into a full blown claim. From what paypal told me after 20 days from the date of the order, they can’t do anything. If I had not opened my case when I did, I would have been out of luck! This company stalls if you pay with paypal hoping that by the time you get your product it will be to late to file a claim. Paypal reviewed the transaction, and found in my favor. Paypal provided me with the return info and I shipped back the suit. Once paypal determined the package was received by bodybody via the tracking number provided by me, I was given full credit. These folks are scam artists. Once they have your money you are at their mercy. Do not believe their policy that they only want to make you happy. They don’t care. If you place an order with them, prepare for a nightmare. If their policy was crystal clear like their packing slips, nobody would order from them! If you need to exchange anything, it will be a long drawn out process as dear Jennifer takes her time to respond to you. There are many reputable companies to purchase from, this company is not one of them. Please BEWARE. We all need to take the time to warn others of scam artists.

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