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Published: 09 February 2018

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This company, Body Tune Plus travels around the US to ‘Home and Garden, or Trade Shows’. The two guys (one is Dan Denton, owner) that operate the booth are very aggressive in obtaining sales. They stopped me as I was walking by to do a “balance” test on me. The demonstration that they use is an old stage magicians trick called Applied Kinesiology. A few suble tricks and the performer is able to fool the victim into thinking they have more strength, balance, or flexibility. In some instances, I heard them tell people that whatever ailment that they had could be “lessened” greatly with their jewerly. They claim their jewerly can improve your balance, strength, flexibility because only their jewerly has the right frequency. I was not smart enough to look this up online or their company. I purchased jewerly from them and my friend did as well. When we arrived home, we realized we had been conned by these two smooth talkers. You can Google or YouTube how these tricks work and practice them yourself, “Applied Kinesiology Debunked”. This company has no morals, conscious or values and takes pride in ripping people off. Save your money and stay far away from this company. .

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